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What Marketers Say is the #1 Metric for Influencer Marketing Success [Survey Results]

By Jessica Schimm Posted November 6, 2018

What’s the number one metric that indicates a successful influencer marketing campaign to our readers?

Influencer analytics have always been an important subject to both influencers and marketers.

Recently, we asked our readers what they thought the number one metric for influencer marketing success was. Out of views, conversions, CTR and other standard metrics, the majority of them said engagement (see the chart below!).


What Do Our Readers Think is the Number One Metric for Influencer Marketing Success?

We asked respondents what their number one metric for influencer marketing success was and 43% said that engagements were the most valuable.  

This was amongst:

  • views and impressions
  • shares
  • app installs / downloads
  • clicks
  • leads


Influencer - Survey (reelio-blog)-02-tall
Out of 186 respondents, the majority of our blog visitors reported that engagements (i.e. comments, likes, clicks, shares), was the best metric for determining if a campaign was successful or not.

It makes sense that most marketers would choose engagement to measure the success and health of a campaign, especially as views, (a previously popular metric), is starting to be looked at more critically with the rise of fake followers.

But like Pete and Ari learned the hard way, engagement might not always be the most valuable option. Here’s what we learned talking to our Senior Integrated Marketing Manager about engagement.


Reelio Weighs In on What Influencer Marketing Engagement Means

What does engagement mean for both influencers and campaigns? Reelio’s Mark Ciampittiello, who has been doing influencer campaigns for a longgg while now, says that while engagement rate is a great metric to consider, it only represents a part of the overall campaign’s success and thus shouldn’t always be relied on as a single determiner of success.

Engagement also often speaks more to the influencer than the campaign, Reelio’s Senior Integrated Manager Mark Ciampittiello elaborates:  

Engagements are more a measure of how well the influencer resonates with the audience - not how well the integrated brand does. This is particularly true in light-touch integrations. Furthermore, in the vast majority of instances where content is overtly branded, engagements will drop as a result.”

So, engagement rates are fantastic for assessing talent before a campaign, because it is a clear indicator of their relationship with their audience. However, a brand should not see an influencer’s engagement rate and expect to earn the same rate in a heavily branded campaign.

“If a campaign is inherently overt in promotional style and STILL delivers engagements in line with historical averages, that is a great sign. That said, this RARELY happens,” Mark added.

In sum, engagement rate is generally a great metric to see how much an influencer resonates with their audience and an important one to use when comparing branded content to the influencer’s unbranded content.

For the overall health of a campaign however, it's best to take multiple metrics into consideration, particularly brands focused on customer acquisition.

See last week’s survey results on how you find influencers.

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