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Top 15 YouTube Family Vloggers to Know in 2018

By Paul Traficanti

in family vloggers, influencer lists

Posted June 14, 2018

These YouTube families work with a range of brands and give us the best ideas for family fun!

Initially intended as a platform for users to post original video content, YouTube, a platform with more than 1 billion users, continues to evolve, playing a much bigger role in our lives - and thus advertiser’s lives in the last ten years. The quintessential vlogging platform is now a major tool in the armory of any brand keen on influencer marketing.

According to this study by ThinkWithGoogle non-celebrity influencers earn 3x more views, 2x more actions, and 12x more comments on their content as compared to celebrity influencers.

The same study also found that 60% of subscribers on YouTube are also more likely to strongly consider buyer advice from these non-celebrity influencers. Clearly, it’s a more than an effective platform for brands to engage their target audiences.

And when it comes to family vloggers, they’re special in the sense that they cater to a very wide demographic of people. They enamor viewers by showcasing their daily lives and people are inherently more likely to trust product opinions from relatable families on YouTube more than anyone else.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 15 YouTube family vloggers who can elevate your influencer marketing campaigns. (See our list of more than 100 influencers.

1. RomanAtwoodVlogs (14.5M Subscribers)

Roman Atwood uses his vlog to depict his life as a father with his three kids, Kane, Noah, and Cora. His girlfriend, Brittney, completes the family of five from Ohio. The family-friendly vlog is all about their daily adventures and pranks.

YouTube Family Vloggers

Image via YouTube

2. All4TubeKids (2.8M Subscribers)

This channel is run by Roland, a single father, and features his three daughters, Brittany, Brianna, and Katelynn. They often post short comedic and scary skits, pranks, and reality videos to engage their audience. The family is known for the scary pranks they pull on one another.


Image via YouTube

3. Bratayley (6.3M Subscribers)

This YouTube vlogging family is comprised of parents Billie and Katey, and their daughters, Annie and Hayley. Originally, it was comprised of gymnastic videos of the two girls that were intended for their father, who was in the military. They honor the memory of their son Caleb, who tragically died in 2015, by celebrating all that life has to offer.


Image via YouTube

4. Family Fun Pack (7.1M Subscribers)

This family is all about having fun together and vlogging about it. So much so that it’s their family motto - “Fun with the family, every day,” they say. Parents Matt and Kristine lead their pack of six kids and share content on everything - from road trips to challenges, food,toys and games.

Family Fun Pack

Image via YouTube

5. The ACE Family (8.3M Subscribers)

The McBroom-Paiz family or “ACE family” as they are better known as, is comprised of Austin, Catherine, and their daughter Elle. You can find videos on their family life, pranks, and challenges on their feed.

The ACE Family

Image via YouTube

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6. Daily Bumps (3.4M Subscribers)

Bryan and Missy are the parents in charge of this family vlog. Along with their two sons - Finley and Oliver, they love to go on crazy adventures. Their vlog is all about their life’s journey as they traverse the “daily Bumps of life”.

Daily Bumps

Image via YouTube

7. FUNnel Vision (5.7M Subscribers)

This family of six likes to keep things light and document all of their family adventures through the videos they share on YouTube. From holiday celebrations, to road trips and vacations, food wars and pet videos, you’ll find a healthy dose of everything here.

FUNnel Vision

Image via YouTube

8. SACCONEJOLYs (1.8M Subscribers)

Based out of London, the SacconeJoly family includes Anna and Jonathan, and their three children - Eduardo, Emilia, and Elessoa. They’re known for sharing their most intimate family moments such as Anna’s pregnancy, and even the birth of their babies.


Image via YouTube

9. ItsJudysLife (1.6M Subscribers)

Benji and Judy vlog about their journey as a couple, as well the experience of raising three children. You will find a variety of videos on this YouTube family’s channel, ranging from family time to trips to the grocery store.


Image via YouTube

10. We are the Davises (2M Subscribers)

The ever-entertaining Davis family is based out of California. The channel is all about the husband-wife duo of Shawn and Connie as they raise their two kids, Kayla and Tyler. The videos show their real-life experiences, challenges, comic skits, and travels.

We are the Davises

Image via YouTube

11. Eh Bee Family (6.3M Subscribers)

The Eh Bee family of four is comprised of parents and Andres and Rosanna, and their kids Mr. and Miss Monkey, respectively. Hailing from Toronto, they had initially built their fanbase on Vine. You can check out exciting challenge videos on their channel.

Eh Bee Family

Image via YouTube

12. Cole&Sav (5.6M Subscribers)

This page is run by the LaBrant couple. It features Cole, Savannah, and their 4-year-old daughter, Everleigh Rose. Tune into their channel for lifestyle videos from Savannah and Cole, toy reviews by Everleigh, and epic dance battles.


Image via YouTube

13. That YouTub3 Family (1.6M Subscribers)

That YouTub3 Family is a fun-loving family that enjoys vlogging about their outrageous activities. The kids - Audrey, Jordan, Jake, and Tyler - each have their own YouTube channels too. In addition to the family moments, you’ll also find blooper videos of the kids’ channels.

That YouTub3 Family

Image via YouTube

14. Sam And Nia (2.3M Subscribers)

High school sweethearts, Sam and Nia, started this channel in 2007. They now have three children - Symphony, Abram, and Juliet - all of whom are featured in the videos regularly. Their shot to fame was a lip sync they made in their car which went viral.

Sam And Nia

Image via YouTube

15. Shaytards (5M Subscribers)

The Shaytards channel is run by mom and dad pair, Shay Carl and Colette Butler, and were featured in YouTube Red's original movie, Vlogumentary. The mom and dad pair of Shay Carl and Colette Butler run this show. They share their lives with their five kids - Gavin, Avia, Emmi, Brock, and Daxton. It features comedic skits starring the family members as they deal with all that life throws at them.


Image via YouTube

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Family Vloggers Appeal to a Wide Audience

Family vlogs like the ones featured above appeal to both younger viewers and adults leading family lives. They feature a wide range of content including lifestyle advice, beauty tips, toy reviews, travel experiences, skits, pranks and more - making for easy for nearly any brand to integrate in their content. Does your brand want to appeal to families? Consider partnering with one of these family vloggers.

If you know of any other YouTube families that deserve a mention, shout out to them in the comments below!

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