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Reelio's Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2017 

By Jessica Schimm

in Case Studies

Posted February 5, 2018

Get inspired by these influencer-brand partnerships that Reelio helped bring to life in 2017. 

As more and more brands invest in influencer marketing, more creator channels surface to the top bringing their viewers products that align with their needs while getting paid to continue to produce thoughtful content. 

Last year Reelio helped bring a variety of influencer campaigns to life with influencers authentically endorsing products in tech, beauty, CPG, lifestyle, entertainment, DYI, food, fitness and more.

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Here's our brief highlight reel of campaigns that we loved from last year. 

 Reelio's Favorite Influencer Campaigns (of 2017)

Kano & What's Inside

Father and Son duo, Dan & Lincoln, of What’s Inside take us back to the future and compare the classic IBM 5150 PC to Kano’s Complete Computer kit-- a system that will have your kids coding faster than you can power up the 5150.

Mobile Strike & Bat in the Sun

It was all a dream, in Bat in the Sun’s Pool Wars video for Mobile Strike which flips a pool party into a crazy all out warzone.

Oscar Mayer & My Cupcake Addiction

This collab between Oscar Mayer and My Cupcake Addiction is so delicious, it makes me want to sing.

Origins & Sierra Furtado

New year. Who dis? Sierra Furtado shows us how to enter 2018 all glowed up in this partnership with Origins. As she explains, half of the glow up is all about attitude and making yourself feel confident, but of course a little dust with the makeup brush can help too.

Absolut Vodka & Retro Flame In this video, RetroFlame takes us across the pond to Ireland with Absolut Vodka and shows us how to amp up our home bartending skills with some fun cocktail mixes for home entertaining, date night or my personal favorite, Wednesday at 11am.

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