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Top 15 Food Bloggers in Los Angeles You Should Follow

By Paul Traficanti

in influencer lists

Posted June 25, 2018

Blogs are one of the most impactful and effective content marketing strategies. Many brands leverage them to reach out to prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

According to a 2018 study from Hubspot, 55% of marketers rely on blogging for their inbound marketing strategy.

No matter which industry you’re in, you can always create useful, informative, and engaging blog posts for your audiences. This can be even more effective when you collaborate with influential bloggers and have them promote your brand on their blogs.

Top bloggers in any niche can generate thousands of visitors to their websites every month. Collaborating with them will not only put you in front of your target audiences, but also help you win their trust when their favorite blogger endorses your products.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 15 of the top food bloggers in Los Angeles.

Top Food Bloggers in Los Angeles

Whether you’re in the food business and want to follow these influential food bloggers for a potential collaboration, or simply a food lover, who’s looking to learn about the best LA restaurants and healthy eating habits, here’s a list of food bloggers that will inspire you to get more in touch with LA food culture.

1. L.A. Foodie

L.A. Foodie is run by a husband and wife team from Los Angeles, Ben and Lisa Waters. Their mission is to showcase the food wonders of LA to the rest of the world.

They blog about their visits to various restaurants in LA trying out a variety of mouth-watering dishes. They have been writing blog posts and sharing photos and videos of the best foods in LA since 2008.

 Image Source - L.A. Foodie

2. Healthy Happy Life

One of the most popular Los Angeles food bloggers, Kathy Patalsky, created her blog, Healthy Happy Life in 2007. She has authored two cookbooks, “Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen,” and “365 Vegan Smoothies.” Through her yummy recipes, she encourages her followers to adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Kathy’s work, including her photography and recipes, have been featured in BuzzFeed, the LA Times, VegNews, CNN, Channel 8 New Haven, and more. 

 Image Source - Healthy Happy Life

3. Caroline on Crack

Caroline Pardilla is the creator of Caroline on Crack food blog. Even her day job as an announcer doesn’t discourage her from following her true passion - food. She mostly reviews pocket-friendly bars and restaurants in Los Angeles.

Caroline on Crack has bagged the LA Weekly Web Awards thrice. She also provides constructive criticism of leisure activities and food in LA. She focuses on mostly on alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

 Caroline on Crack

Image Source - Caroline on Crack

4. The Amateur Gourmet

The Amateur Gourmet is the creation of Adam Roberts. Roberts started this blog in 2004 and since then, it’s been doing very well. In his blog posts, he talks about new recipes and shares his experience of fine dining in restaurants.

Roberts, an amateur cook, explains the whole process of cooking mouth-watering dishes quite nicely. He also shares his tips and secrets to make a perfect dish. Courtesy of his amazing food journey, he has authored two cookbooks. He has also collaborated with The Food Network to produce web content.

Image Source - The Amateur Gourmet

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5. Consuming LA

Howard Meyers is the man behind Consuming LA. Howard dedicates his time to creating guides and lists about his food discoveries and the best restaurants in Los Angeles. All of his guides talk about his food experiences in detail and give a nice viewpoint about every place.

His “best of” lists are the highlight of his blog. He covers all kinds of restaurants - from a normal chain restaurant to luxurious fine dining restaurants too.


Image Source - Consuming LA

6. Detoxinista

Detoxinista is owned by Megan Gilmore, a Certified Nutritionist Consultant (CNC) and a renowned Los Angeles food blogger. From being a fast food junkie herself, she started her journey towards healthy eating habits. Now, her blog is full of healthy but yummy comfort food.

Her recipes are not a quick fix to your weight problems, as she doesn’t believe or support quick fixes, but her recipes are mostly based on ingredients which are natural detoxes for your system. In her blog posts, she also talks about the best foods to eat during pregnancy and motherhood.

Image Source - Detoxinista

7. Eat Drink LA

Caroline Gelabert-Noh is the proud owner of Eat Drink LA blog. She started blogging about food when she was still in her twenties, trying to experience the best of LA.

She is a young mom now, and suggests the best places to eat with your kid in LA on her blog. She appreciates food and considers herself not a critic, but a restaurant “indexer.”

Image Source - Eat Drink LA

8. Culinary Hills

Culinary Hills is owned by Meggan Hill from Wisconsin. She shares a modern twist to Midwestern food on her blog. She takes advantage of every event and occasion to cook for her family and friends.

Her works have been published on many websites of repute - such as the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, The Huffington Post, PopSugar, and BuzzFeed. 

Image Source - Culinary Hill

9. Eater LA

Eater Los Angeles is a child of the popular food blog, Eater. Eater provides news about food and guides to the best places to eat in the US. Eater LA gives you a rundown of various culinary events happening in LA.

They also share updates about the launch of new restaurants and talk about the brains behind the best cuisines in LA. The website does a great job keeping their readers up-to-date about all food-related events in the city. 

Image Source - Eater LA

10. A Cozy Kitchen

One of the top Los Angeles food bloggers, Adrianna, owns A Cozy Kitchen - where she loves to share her out-of-the-box targets in life and her favorite recipes. Her recipes are inspired from her Latin-American background.

In 2015, she released her recipe book called “The Year of Cozy: 125 Recipes.” In 2016, she also released a coloring cookbook.

Image Source - A Cozy Kitchen

11. Gastronomy

Gastronomy was created by Cathy Chaplin. She was born in La Mesa, but settled in LA. She started her blogging journey in 2006. In her blog posts, she documents all her tasty and yummy recipes. She also talks about her experience in various restaurants in LA.

Her excellent photography and writing skills have found a place in many renowned publications. These include Condé Nast Traveler, Bon Appétit, Saveur, and Los Angeles Times.

Image Source - Gastronomy

12. Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry, one of the most popular Los Angeles food bloggers, is the founder of Fit Men Cook blog. He worked really hard to achieve a healthy lifestyle, after which he started this blog. His own fitness journey is an inspiration to his followers -during which - he realized that he should focus more on eating healthy than working out in the gym.

His passion for healthy food encouraged him to launch this food blog, and through this, he shares his healthy recipes with his followers. Kevin’s work has been published in The Huffington Post, Men’s Health, and many more.

 Image Source - Fit Men Cook

13. Hungry in LA

The blog Hungry in LA, was created by Eddie Sanchez. Eddie was born and raised in Los Angeles and he recommends some of the best places to eat in his blog. His work has been captured by a number of famous LA publications, and has also made it to the list of top blogs to follow.

Along with food, Eddie’s interest lies in photography and travel. His food guides usually consist of his own photography.His reviews about restaurants are short, simple, and to the point.

Image Source - Hungry in LA

14. Ev’s Eats

Evi, a food lover and enthusiast from LA, is the owner of Ev’s Eats. Her blog has been up and running successfully since 2015. She loves to pick up traditional recipes and simplify them as much as possible.

She also posts new recipes of her own, which are bold and full of flavors and spices. When traveling, she makes it a point to try the traditional foods of the places she visits.

Image Source - EV’s Eats

15. Eating in LA

Pat Saperstein is one of the top food bloggers in Los Angeles, and she runs the Eating in LA blog. The blog focuses on reviewing restaurants in LA. Her reviews are about food, drinks, and the ambiance of the restaurants. In her blog posts, Pat also talks about the history of restaurants in LA during the 60s and 70s.

Eating in LA

Image Source - Eating in LA

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Who is Your Favorite Food Blogger?

So, there you have it! A list of the best food bloggers in Los Angeles. Check them out on their social accounts and let us know if you think they’d be a good fit for your influencer campaign.

If you know of any other popular food bloggers in LA, let us know in the comments below.

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