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26 Top YouTubers Beauty Enthusiasts Are Watching

These beauty vloggers are attracting beauty enthusiasts from around the globe.

There's no doubt that YouTube is playing a big role in today's beauty purchases.  Audiences now look to influencers for opinions on products they're interested in trying and to see if they have discount codes.

Previously we've spotlighted micro and medium-sized beauty influencers, but now we're going big, taking a look at today's biggest beauty names on YouTube.

The beauty influencers below have attracted beauty lovers around the world, and have scored some major brand partnerships as a result. Let us know if we're missing anyone in the comments below.

Beauty Influencers Have Impact on Holiday Shopping

You can bet consumers are looking to their favorite beauty influencers for the deals on the newest products this month. 

Cosmetics were estimated to see the highest growth for holiday gifts this year by internet users - beating out clothing, gift cards, electronics, food & liquor and money, according to a holiday survey by Deloitte. 

And when it comes to online shopping for beauty products, consumers are looking for the best prices, free shipping, site security, free returns and special promotions - the latter of which can help drive sales and track customers in an influencer campaign.

Online Consumer Reviews For Beauty Products are Important

On average, bath/body/skin/beauty brands see a $6.18 earned media value and a $3.77 cost per engagement with influencer marketing. 

Mobile plays an important role too, with consumers researching on-the-go. YouTube is looked to by 69% of smartphone users who plan to purchase in the health and beauty category and millennials are purchasing wherever the best price is offered online. So, you may want to ask yourself if your influencer is offering the best price for your product.

We used our platform to get a list of beauty influencers all around the United States below. We found a mix of micro and medium-sized influencers, because data tells us they have higher engagement rates and made sure they had followings on both YouTube and Instagram. Check out how we've used our platform to find influencers in our tech influencer list article.

Today's Biggest Beauty Vloggers

1. Zoella Sugg (12M Subscribers)

Zoella is easily the most well-known beauty vlogger on this list. She runs her own beauty line and her channel is full of tips and tutorials on makeup, fashion, and hairstyling - all of which are presented in her bubbly and light tone.

Zoella Sugg

Image via YouTube

2. Huda Kattan (2.3M Subscribers)

Huda is the face and YouTube sensation behind Huda Beauty. Apart from the makeup tutorials, product demos, beauty hacks, and DIYs, she’s best known for her unique makeup challenges. She’s posted numerous videos trying out rather unorthodox beauty techniques. She was also featured by Time Magazine as one of the top 25 most influential people on the internet in 2017.

Huda Kattan

Image via YouTube

3. Michelle Phan (8.9M Subscribers)

Michelle’s content is exclusively about makeup and proper skin care. Youthful at heart, this beauty vlogger loves to create unique looks based on popular manga characters using makeup. She’s a big believer of the philosophy that beauty comes from within.

Michelle Phan

Image via YouTube

4. Desi Perkins (6.5M Subscribers)

Desi Perkins is a beauty YouTuber who displays a variety of makeup looks and tutorials. She does a lot of modern and experimental makeup looks. Earlier this summer she did a master class tutorial with Nordstrom. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.27.37 PM

Image via YouTube


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5. Kandee Johnson (3.9M Subscribers)

Kandee Johnson likes to take her viewers on a creative adventure with her makeup tutorials, hacks, and transformations. This beauty guru likes to create content centering around the themes of beauty and happiness. She’s also been featured by numerous media outlets like HuffPost, Elle, Allure, Glamour, and People.

Kandee Johnson

Image via YouTube

6. Nikki De Jager (10M Subscribers)

Nikki De Jager of NikkieTutorials is a Dutch makeup artist who posts twice weekly on her YouTube channel. Incredibly popular in New York especially, she mainly posts cosmetic tutorials. She serves as a role model for those who want to express themselves however they want, producing tutorials inspired by character looks, holidays, pride and celebrities. girls who don’t fit stereotypical beauty standards

Nikki De Jager

Image via YouTube

7. Promise Tamang Phan (5.1M Subscribers)

Promise Phan is a Nepalese makeup artist who loves to transform herself into famous characters and celebrities. Some of her more famous looks include Beyonce and Moana. This beauty vlogger shares interesting beauty techniques whilst transforming.

Her husband Steve, pet dog, and pet hedgehog have all been known to make regular appearances as well.

Promise Tamang Phan

Image via YouTube

8. Tanya Burr (3.6M Subscribers)

Tanya Burr is a British actress who is another YouTube vlogging star in the beauty industry. Besides running her own cosmetics line, she frequently posts fashion and lifestyle tips on YouTube. Her feed consists of DIYs, hauls, reviews, and tutorials.

Tanya Burr

Image via YouTube

9. Rachel Levin (13M Subscribers)

Rachel of Rclbeauty101 started her vlogging career when she was just 15 years old as a high school-centric beauty advice blog with DIY tutorial videos. Since then, she’s added funny skits and goofy beauty challenges to her content.

Rachel Levin

Image via YouTube

10. Wayne Goss (3.2M Subscribers)

Wayne Goss leverages his 15 years of experience as a makeup artist to bring his viewers professional beauty advice. This beauty vlogger breaks down even the most complex looks into simpler, smaller, and more manageable segments. This is the perfect channel for anyone looking to improve their skills or become a professional makeup artist.

Wayne Goss

Image via YouTube

11. Meredith Foster (4.8M Subscribers)

Meredith is a strong advocate of loving yourself and being confident in your own skin. Through her beauty vlog on YouTube, she shows women that real beauty comes from the inside. She brings a certain energy and charisma to her videos, and has documented hairdo advice, salon trips, and has even produced rap videos.

Meredith Foster

 Image via YouTube

12. Bunny Meyer (8.8M Subscribers)

Bunny Meyers, or Grav3yardgirl as she is better known as, is a YouTube beauty vlogger hailing from Texas. Her fans love her nutty and fun sense of humor. Despite her gothic “Grav3yardgirl” YouTube name, she’s far from the brooding personality her name suggests. The pro-makeup artist shares product demos, how-to videos, and fashion tips on her vlog.

Bunny Meyer

 Image via YouTube

13. Andrea Brooks (4.2M Subscribers)

Andrea is not just a beauty vlogger on YouTube, she’s also a lifestyle coach. She shares DIY videos, hacks, hairstyles, makeup and fashion tips on her channel, AndreasChoice. Her passion stems from her childhood interest in art when she used to illustrate her own comics.

Andrea Brooks

Image via YouTube

14. Bethany Mota (10M Subscribers)

Bethany Mota is a Mexican and Portuguese beauty YouTuber living it up in sunny California. She’s won over her followers with the wit and humor she uses to present her hair, makeup, and healthy eating tips. She’s also known for positive messages on self-acceptance and against bullying.

Bethany Mota

Image via YouTube

15. Carli Bybel (6M Subscribers)

Carli Bybel is known for her beauty and fitness related videos. The fashionista is all about inspiring women and promoting self-confidence through her vlogs. This YouTube beauty vlogger creates content around product reviews, tutorials, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Carli Bybel

Image via YouTube


16. Manny MUA - Manuel Gutierrez (4.8M followers)



Professionally known as Manny MUA, Manuel Gutierrez is a makeup artist and beauty blogger. He has 4.8 million Instagram followers and became Maybelline’s first-ever male brand ambassador in 2017. 

On his Instagram, you can find various makeup looks, looks with nearly every well-known beauty brand,  some personal stories (that serve as inspiration to many), and his new line, Lunar Beauty, in use. 

Manny is your go-to guy for anything makeup. You'll get to know the people who matter to him on his Instagram in addition to makeup inspiration. He's worked with Urban Decay and given promotional codes for brands like Morphe brushes


Medium-Sized Beauty Influencers

Check out these awesome medium-sized beauty influencers

17. Kathryn Bedell (YouTube 380k, Instagram 46.4k)

 Kathryn creates detailed beauty and hair styling tutorials, and also dabbles in lifestyle content. She narrates her processes step-by-step so it's easy for viewers to follow with positive commentary throughout. 




18. Shae (YouTube 347k, Instagram 78.7k)

 Shae is a self-taught makeup artist who has spent years working in the cosmetics field.  She demonstrates looks for nearly every occasion and is clearly passionate about makeup. 



19. Claire Ashley (YouTube 185k, Instagram 15.9k)

 Claire Ashley just launched a beauty line Col - lab Collective, with seven other influencers with products that are cruelty free and sold at drug-store prices.  She has videos on everything from how to clear acne, to everyday morning routines to date nights to halloween looks and more.  



20. Brianna Stanko (YouTube 177k, Instagram 32k)

Brianna's channel is all about healthy skin first. Her videos are made for audiences looking for anti-aging techniques, how to treat ance and how to keep healthy foundation. 


21. BlakIzbeautyful (YouTube 151k, Instagram 94.7k)

Based in NYC, Jenell B. Stewart covers a range of beauty products in her videos, from perfumes to foundation to lip colors and also dedicates a large portion of her videos to natural hair maintenance and styling. She also has a separate channel dedicated to lifestyle videos.   




22. Kendra Atkins (YouTube 151k, Instagram 52k) 

Kendra shares her love for natural beauty looks, healthy recipes and now, motherhood, with her two adorable twins on her channel. She sticks to natural, warm beauty looks that make her look effortlessly sunkissed.


23. Serein Wu (YouTube 114k, Instagram 53.2k)

 Serein rediscovered her love for beauty and skincare when she started her YouTube channel and likes to feature unique beauty brands.



Micro Beauty Influencers


24. Andrea Renee (YouTube 104k, Instagram 20.6k)

 Different from lifestyle influencers who touch on beauty, Andrea Renee is all things beauty. She showcases different looks playing off of seasonal themes, and swatches pallets from mainstream brands like Benefit, Ulta and Sephora. 



25. Bailey B. (YouTube 102k, Instagram 13.8k)

Bailey tests today's hottest new beauty products you've been curious about. Her channel is full of hauls, tutorials, product reviews and the best deal for her viewers.  She keeps a relatively neutral style pop accented with bright, punchy colors.   




26. Ashley Tia (YouTube 56k, Instagram 15.5k)

 Ashley sticks to a simple, clean and polished look. Her videos are high-quality and her warm hosting demeanor, instrumental soundtrack and cleanly done title cards makes her content almost feel like a segment on the HGTV channel. 



The Beauty Stars of YouTube Can Earn You Trust With Your Customers

The beauty industry is incredibly competitive and differentiating your product from the rest is never an easy task, but partnering with the right influencers can help you earn the trust of your target audience. Brands like Lancome, Maybelline, Sephora, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, Mac, and more have all worked with YouTube stars over the years.

What do you think? Who are the most influential beauty vloggers on YouTube? Did we miss anyone? Let us know through your comments.

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