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How Do You Find Influencers? [Survey Results]

By Jessica Schimm

in Finding Influencers

Posted October 17, 2018

We asked, you responded: how do you find influencers?

To create our influencer lists at Reelio, I have spent a lot of time looking through influencer profiles - so I can empathize with our brand marketers when I say that while searching can be enjoyable and inspiring, it also takes time. Hours of time.

To prevent burn out, (because - let’s be real - influencer search fatigue is a thing), I usually break up the search over a couple of days.

When we do find the select list of influencers, it feels great. Just like when the right influencer generates awesome results for a campaign, the right influencer list generates page views and traffic for our blog.

Because our audience is looking for influencers too, we were curious to see what other methods our audience is using to find influencers.

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How Are People Searching For Influencers?

  • Respondents are searching for influencers in a variety of ways,
  • More than half of our respondents said that they search for influencers on social media platforms.
  • The next most-used method was sourcing influencer recommendations from colleagues or friends.


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What Do These Results Mean?

...That Instagram and YouTube improve their search capability? (considering that majority of respondents are still searching on platforms).

Hehehe one can only hope...

But in all seriousness, these results could mean a lot of things. Based on this data, it seems like searching directly on social platforms is still the most common method - not popular - but common method for sourcing influencers.

This could be for a number of reasons. Even though better search tools for influencers exist, they are usually less accessible in general. Additionally, people may only be thinking about it only when we are on the social platform.

And while searching on social platforms offers a great starting point, it still doesn’t tell you the demographics of the influencer’s audience.

For example, one newer and well-known beauty company wanted to partner with an influencer, who looked like the kind of person whom they were designing their products for. However, when our account strategists took a look at her audience, they saw that it heavily skewed young male, which was not who the brand was trying to target at the time.

We bring up this story to highlight the advantages of using platforms like Reelio. Not only can you find influencers who create content in your vertical, but those who speak to your target audience.

As social media platforms continue to evolve, we plan to continue to keep an on search method trends

Let us know what your favorite search method is in the comments below!

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