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More Than 100 Social Media Influencers You Should Know (2018)

By Jessica Schimm

in Finding Influencers

Posted December 4, 2017

Throughout the year, we've identified more than 90 social media influencers in more than seven verticals to launch your 2018 influencer campaign. 

A successful influencer campaign always begins with finding the right influencer, but finding the right influencer for your brand can be hard. That's why we've developed better social influencer search on our platform, and simultaneously have published influencer lists throughout the year.

Finding the perfect influencer for your brand of course requires a little more information than what these lists can provide (like data that tells you about their audience), but hopefully they can give you a more robust starting point to jump off of. 


Beauty Influencers

Andrea Renee beauty influencer

Image from Andrea Renee's Instagram.

12 Beauty Influencers on YouTube 

You can bet consumers are looking to their favorite beauty influencers for the deals on the newest products this month. 

5 Beauty Influencers For Halloween Inspiration

 Beauty looks are searched for year round, but in October 2014, the number of searches for “makeup tutorial” hit an all time high. Coincidence? We think not.

 15 Top Beauty YouTubers You Should Follow to Look More Glamorous

 One of the biggest vlogger categories on YouTube happens to be beauty vloggers. A number of them have been cultivating their audiences from the time they were teenagers. See what beauty trends they're setting.


Tech InfluencersJim's Review Room, Tech influencers

Image from jimsreviewroom's Instagram.

9 Tech Influencers on YouTube 

Influencers are producing fantastic content on tech items, helping millions of consumers evaluate tech products and make purchase decisions they feel confident about.  



Family Vloggers

Daily Bumps

Top 15 YouTube Family Vloggers to Know in 2018 

Family vloggers are a great way for brands to reach their audience. Here's a glimpse of the top 15 family vloggers on YouTube.


Food Influencers

Simply Quinoa, Food influencers

Image from SimplyQuinoa's Instagram

7 Food Influencers on YouTube 

While parents may do the purchasing, 77% of teens are influencing the household food and beverage purchases based off of their online interactions. 


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Fashion Influencers

Fashion Influencers

Image from Fashionismyfortee's Instagram

7 New York Fashion Influencers 

Fashion shows and magazines used to tell fashion lovers what trends are up-and-coming. Now social media influencers are in on the game and just as powerful.  



Lifestyle Influencers

Lifestyle Influencers on InstagramImage from Mia Stammer's Instagram

7 Lifestyle Influencers in LA  

Lifestyle influencers' often showcase glimpses of colorful lives enhanced by the best products, including workout gear, apparel, beauty products, travel products and more. 

3 Influencers On Instagram Who Generated Buzz on 4th Of July 

This summer holiday is big for outdoor brands, swimwear brands, cooking and summer fashion brands. 

13 Cute YouTube Couples (Who Are Vloggers) 

The 13 cutest couples on YouTube who are vlogging their way through life. 


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Fitness Influencers 

 Amanda Bucci, fitness influencer Image from Amanda Bucci's Instagram.

Four Fitness Influencers in LA  

Connect with fitness influencers based in LA to get the word out about your health and wellness brand. 



LGBTQ Influencers

LGBTQ Influencers

 Image from Ryland Adam's Instagram

 Three LGBTQ -Positive Influencers 

 Want to generate buzz for pride? Here’s a few influencers and brands who are doing it right. 



Influencers Who Made it MainstreamTylerOakley.png

Image from Tyler Oakley's Instagram.

8 Social Influencers Who Have Hit The Big Time

 A list of social media influencers who’ve broken through the “digital ceiling,” and made it into mainstream media.



International InfluencersNitin_Chauhan

Image from Nitin Chauhan's Instagram.

16 International Influencers On YouTube

Want to partner with influencers overseas? Start with this list of phenomenal Instagram influencers, sorted by country.

International Influencers on Instagram (16)

A list of popular influencers from around the world on Instagram, sorted by country.  


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