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Reelio’s Top 5 Influencer Marketing Blog Posts of 2017

What marketers wanted to know about influencer marketing in 2017.

Last year we invested in our blog, and the result was a flood of new readers, new customers and impressed colleagues.

While we still have more work to do, we were able to produce close to 90 pieces that: examined the benefits of influencer marketing, provided sound strategy for influencer marketing campaigns (from basic tips to advanced guides), and ultimately helped marketers drive purchases their audience on multiple social platforms.

After reviewing our traffic patterns throughout the year, we learned that our influencer lists proved to be very helpful (more to come in 2018!) and that learned marketers were interested in what our subject matter experts had to say in some of the gray areas of influencer marketing, like the best models for last-click attribution.

With that, here are our top performing posts of 2017.

Reelio’s Most Popular Influencer Marketing Posts of 2017


7 Lifestyle Influencers in LA That You Need to Know About

Los Angeles Influencers

With personal care and beauty products are expected to grow to a $675 billion industry, and the health and wellness industry expected to grow to a $3.7 trillion market, we only expect the popularity of lifestyle influencers to rise and for their brands to thrive. Here’s a few that are based in LA and continue to set trends around the country.

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The Value of Influencer Marketing; Industry Perspectives with Katharine Ricci

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.15.47 PM.png

“Creators don’t have time to look through 200 PR pitches. They want to get paid by brands for creating custom messages.”

At this point, OMD’s Katharine Ricci and I are discussing the biggest misconceptions brands have around influencer marketing; one of them being that positive brand buzz will happen naturally online from fans often.

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16 International Influencers to Check Out on InstagramInternational_influencers.png

Ok so last I was here, we learned that the majority of social media users are from overseas. I chose two worthy influencers from each country (Hunger Games style) and based on: their following, quality of photos, subject matter and fanbase.  If you didn’t see your favorite international influencer, add their names to the comments below.

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4 Powerful Influencer Marketing Models Marketers Love


Marketers are trying to determine if influencer marketing is working. In 2014, an astounding 38% of marketers admitted they were yet to adopt an attribution model (eMarketer) for their marketing efforts, let alone their influencer channels.

The methods discussed in this tip-sheet will show the attribution models that our clients use in order to measure the success of each influencer in their campaign. 

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7 New York Fashion Influencers That Are Setting Trends Now

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.24.27 PM.png

 While taking a deeper dive through the Instagram accounts listed in this post, we saw partnerships with beauty brands, beverage brands, hotels and even contact lens brands (eyewear can drastically change a look!); and fashion marketers said that influencers were highly effective for product launches and content promotion and distribution, according to an eMarketer study earlier this year.

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