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Reelio vs. FameBit: Influencer Marketing Platform Comparison

Which influencer marketing platform is best for you? Reelio or Famebit?

How is Reelio different from FameBit?

Glad you asked! We’ve decided to tackle the question by doing a side-by-side comparison on some of the key issues marketers want to know about when it comes to influencer marketing.

We'll touch on influencer pricing, influencer search, scalability, ROI and customer support.


How Much do Influencers Cost?

Most influencer marketing platforms offer pricing transparency, but they don't always offer pricing recommendations and guaranteed views. 

Reelio Influencer Marketing Platform Pricing
Reelio's unique in-app pricing recommendation tool for creators. 


Full-service customers get guaranteed views.

What does this mean? For our fully managed campaigns, Reelio establishes a guaranteed view goal at a fixed price upfront. We negotiate with creators to maximize the budget from there, often exceeding the view goal  by 1.5-2x.

Self-service customers get pitches based on recommended pricing.

What does this mean? Reelio provides creators with information needed to fairly price themselves to brands, based on their projected performance. This means brands get a fair rate.


No recommended pricing tool.

What does this mean? FameBit does not have a platform tool that helps creators recommend pricing. This means that brands could pay too much for creators, or offer too little, resulting in frustrated creators.



How can I find the right influencers?

It all starts with having access to a variety of influencers who produce quality work.

Diversity of Reelio Influencers by Content Type and Channel Size
Reelio's influencers span across 10 different verticals (as seen on the left) and have an average of 200k subscribers across platforms.


Reelio’s influencers are vetted.

What does this mean? Reelio’s influencers have an average of 200k subscribers across platforms and they cover a variety of verticals including gaming, family, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, music and more. 

Reelio can work with any influencer.

What does this mean? Reelio curates influencers for brands on our full-service program, including those both on and off the Reelio platform, based entirely on the brand’s goals. We’ve paired brands with some of the largest influencers in the industry including Superwoman, DevinSuperTramp, and Corridor Digital among many others.

Reelio has featured creators.

What does this mean? Our recently launched tool, featured creators, enables brands to quickly work with the best creators in the industry based on their professionalism, brand-friendliness, and content quality.


FameBit brings in as many creators as possible (limited vetting).

What does this mean? FameBit has focused on getting as many creators as possible onto their platform, meaning that brands can potentially get flooded with more low-quality pitches from creators with little experience.

FameBit mostly attracts beauty and fashion influencers.

What does this mean? A great many of the creators on FameBit make beauty and fashion content, which doesn’t work well for brands looking for other types of content.

FameBit has creator profiles that are shareable.

What does this mean? FameBit does generate useful public creator profiles that many creators use to provide more information about themselves to brands.


How can I scale with an influencer marketing platform?

Scaling is important for any brand as they grow into influencer marketing.

Reelio Influencer Marketing Platform Pricing
Reelio has multiple pricing tiers, enabling you to scale your influencer marketing efforts when needed.


Reelio offers 3 key solutions for a range of influencer marketing needs.

What does this mean?  Whether you are a small company that’s just getting started, or a Fortune 100 brand looking for serious scale, Reelio provides a platform and pro-services team that can handle your influencer marketing capacity. Additionally, Reelio offers a multi-brand platform for agencies, publishers and MCNs to use to efficiently manage influencer marketing for all of their clients.

Reelio’s enables you to scale with distribution.

What does this mean? Reelio  enables influencer marketing campaigns to scale from organic growth, to paid distribution to television (Machine Zone used their video for a commercial).  We also have an expert professional-services team available for strategy, consultation, and execution.


Demo Reelio's Influencer Marketing Platform



FameBit has a creator rewards program which brings more creators to the platform.

What does this mean? Creators are rewarded with points for completing campaigns and inviting new creators to the platform. These points enable creators to win products like cameras, shirts, lighting stands and thus creates incentives for more creators to join the platform.

FameBit offers a collaboration tool that creators love, keep creators coming back to make more campaigns.

What does this mean? This tool, while not for sponsorships, enables FameBit to attract a lot of influencers, resulting in the growth of their platform and attracts many creators to enhance their content creatively.

FameBit might offer a lot of creators, but they might not all be best for your brand.

What does this mean? You might find yourself getting quite a lot of pitches on FameBit, but then realize they are poorly-matched creators.  Without the option of a robust managed service support team, you might find yourself taking hours of your day to sort through pitches each time. The more time influencer marketing is taking you, the less scalability you have.

How do I get ROI with an influencer marketing platform?

We know ROI is something that brands struggle with for influencer marketing, which is why it’s important to set up the right influencers and campaign strategy from the beginning. 

Reelio Influencer Marketing Platform ROI Reporting
Reelio's reporting dashboard shows you exactly which content delivered ROI. 


“Reelio has been the most effective driver of acquisitions of all the things we’ve tried.”
-Nada Arnot, Hearst


Reelio delivers ROI by building goal-driven campaigns based on the brand’s needs.

What does this mean? Our team is comprised of people with experience in all parts of the influencer marketing business. We start with the KPIs your brand needs to hit and form a strategy that will make that story possible. Whether you want to increase awareness, conversions, or acquisition, we’ll make it possible by working backwards from your brand KPI.


FameBit’s focus on a self-service platform model means they’re less about strategy.

What does this mean? Because FameBit was built as a self-service platform, as opposed to one rooted in tailored campaign management, FameBit does not have the same expertise nor experience when it comes to campaign strategy.

What if I need customer support with influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is constantly evolving, which means that marketers have frequent questions about it (even the experts!). It’s important to feel confident in your campaign and that starts with getting the support you need. 

reelio customer service chat Reelio's always-on chat bubble on our platform. You can expect a response in 10 min or less, even on the weekends. 

"First of all, let me say that we are really happy with the way how you managed the whole project – very professional, reliable and with a lot of expertise. Great job, we will recommend Reelio to friends as well."
-Markus Duram, Kingii
Reelio’s managed team enables brands to move up with levels of support, starting with our in-house customer support team.

What does this mean? Reelio is equipped to meet all of your support needs, whether it’s platform questions or campaign strategy. Our support comes in the form of our account management team and our online customer service. And… we’ll brag a little bit here on behalf of our customer support team. We’ve been told that our customer service is so good, it’s part of the reason brands choose us over our competitors. And we’re fast. Our average response time is 10 min or less.


FameBit does not have as much of a robust managed service for customers.

What does this mean? Because FameBit is mostly focused on a self-service platform, they don’t have a team that has been doing managed service for as long as Reelio. Speaking from trends in our own marketplace, we’ve seen brands jump into influencer marketing thinking they can do it with little to no support on our marketplace and then mid-campaign, want more support, especially with strategy. If you think you might find yourself in this position, you’ll want to make sure you’re with a platform that can scale your support needs.

Have more questions about our platform?

At the end of the day, you have to decide what’s right for you and your brand. There are benefits to both platforms depending on your unique needs and goals.


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