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Reelio’s Best Influencer Campaigns of 2016

A highlights reel of our most memorable influencer campaigns of 2016, featuring Superwoman, Scott DW, Linus Tech tips and more.

Growth, growth, growth. That was Reelio’s recurring theme of 2016.

This year, we expanded our team to include a CTO, CFO, more sales all-stars, dev rockstars and an adorable pup (keep up with her on Instagram, @littlelily_grace). We opened up a west coast office in LA (what’s good Santa Monica?) and are now represented in Chicago (slay, Cubs, slay). 

Year highlights included flying to Superbowl 50 to execute a double-influencer campaign for Verizon(shout out to Big Daws and Twan Kuyper), talking on panels at Northside Fesitval and Cannes and bonding with ad execs in our air-conditioned, wifi Reelio vans, speaking at Northside with Verizon's and for our third consecutive year - sponsoring Bufferfest where we bonded with today’s biggest creators and got to know their thoughts on the industry, learn their pain points, why they do what they do and new projects in our Reelio Creator suite.

Additionally, a ton of creators passed through our doors this year to hang with our team and give us awesome perspective into the creator life, including Taryn Southern, ,Patrick Starr, the Brother’s Green, Neels Vieser and more.

Speaking of creators, let’s dive into our top influencer campaigns of 2016.

Our Top Influencer Campaigns of 2016

Influencer: Scott DW / Brand: Anki

No matter what side you were on this presidential election we can all agree that dance brings us together. Our first video is Scott DW’s campaign with Anki, featuring one of their newest products, Cozmo. In his usual style, Scott DW, wowed fans with a high-energy dance battle between none other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.    

With more than 4 million views, Scott DW blew this campaign out of the park, integrating Anki’s adorable wall-e-like robot perfectly in the beginning of the video and closing it out with a special appearance from everyone’s favorite Obama impersonator, Bronx Obama.



Influencer: Film Dice / Brand: Videoblocks

Our next video comes from the team at film dice for Videoblocks. This video is designed to show off special effects, and that’s exactly what it does, by putting everyone’s favorite video game icons in the real world.

From Tetris blocks adding floors on skyscrapers, to cars driving amidst Super Mario thwomps, gamers and video graphic artists alike will admire how Videoblocks can bring special effects to life in a glimpse of what would happen if video games took over the world.

Influencer: Linus Tech Tips / Brand: Google Store


In one of our biggest Father’s Day campaigns, Linus Tech Tips tugs on all our heart strings when he shows his grandfather the magic of modern technology from Google Store. Many fans could relate as Linus explains instant movie rental, chromecast and Google maps to his 91-year-old Grandfather. You may want a tissue or two when he brings his grandfather to his childhood home he hadn’t seen in years with Google Cardboard.

Influencer: Patrick Starr / Brand: Clinique 

There’s lots of videos that show you how to put your makeup on, but not so many that tell you how take it off. In our fourth video, Patrick Starr sits down with us and walks us through Clinique’s makeup removal products in his makeup removal routine.

Kicking off the video with a full face of beautiful makeup, viewers can see how well Clinique’s products work from beginning to end, starting with breaking down the makeup with a balm, to cleansing and moisturizing before heading into bed.

Influencer: Keegan Acton / Brand: Five Star

Keegan Acton’s spunky review of Five Star’s school products would any high schooler excited to go back to school again.

In her video, Keegan runs through each Five Star’s product and clearly demonstrates how they’re both durable, stylish, and ultimately, a solution to the pain points her audience experiences with school materials. 

Influencer: Superwoman / Brand: 20th Century Fox Theatrical

Sometimes a shirtless Zac Efron isn’t enough to sell a movie, which is why 20th Century Fox Theatrical, teamed up with your girl Superwoman, for “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”.

Lily Singh, also known as Superwoman, snapchatted her red carpet experience, giving her fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her red carpet prep and brought interacted with the stars of the film. 


Sometimes you have to bump and grind with @andybovine and @zacefron. #MikeAndDave #TheyFoundADate #Spoiler #ItsMe

A photo posted by Lilly Singh (@iisuperwomanii) on

Influencer: Corridor Digital / Brand: Anki

From the debate room to a landfill, we get to learn even more about what Cozmo the robot can do in Corridor Digital’s campaign with Anki. In a creative short film (under 5 minutes), Corridor Digital answers the question - “can robots love?” through a condensed version of the hero’s journey where the only thing that stands between freedom and entrapment is the courage and intelligence of Cozmo.  

Influencer: Ana Akana / Brand: Straight Talk Wireless

Rounding out our countdown is Ana Akana’s campaign for straight-talk wireless. This talented YouTuber starts her video with a scenario everyone dreads; being out of data.

Using humor and references that her long-time fans would appreciate, Ana’s video is a great example of how to introduce a product to your audience in a way that is well-received, and how to contextualize its use case in a way that’s relevant to your audience.

And there you have it, our very best of 2016. Leave a comment below and let us know which one you like the most. 

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