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7 Tips to Nail Snapchat Influencer Marketing

By Jessica Schimm

in Campaign Strategy, Snapchat

Posted February 2, 2017

A guide to help you find success with influencer marketing on Snapchat.

Snapchat. Let’s talk about it. 

The first thing to know is that the Snapchat experience is designed to be “fun” for its users. Everything from its yellow branding, to the interactive filters, to the nothing-is-to-be-studied-too-hard 24-hour content expiration cycle, creates an environment that begs for experimental and light-hearted content.

The second thing to know is that the majority of Snapchat's audience is millennials. So if you’re trying to show millennials that your brand knows how to have fun, an influencer campaign on Snapchat is really non-negotiable.

Let’s dive into what makes a good brand campaign on Snapchat.

Who is on Snapchat?

Known for not being the Facebook that your mom, and now grandmother is on, nor an Instagram which previously was not ideal for video capturing — although, that’s changed now — Snapchat immediately grew popular amongst Millennials, and they continue to be the majority of its users according to eMarketer.

An estimated 70% of Snapchat users were born between the ages of 1981 and 2000, and of the 18–24 year olds that use it, a third of them use it about an hour each day. That’s a lot of usage for a platform built on 10-second video clips.

Birchbox, Nordstrom, Verizon, Fox 20th Century Theatrical and Bloomingdales are just a handful of brands that have found value from Snapchat marketing, citing benefits of low production time, high engagement and more. But before we learn more about the Snapchat marketing strategies these brands used, let’s talk about Snapchat's biggest strength as a marketing platform for brands.

How is Snapchat Most Helpful to Brands?

For most brands, Snapchat is a platform that helps them drive awareness. It's easy share and send features makes it easy to get as many eyes and ears as possible on your message.

Snapchat Influencer Marketing

We have also seen success with acquisition success on Snapchat for mobile apps — as there’s an easier conversion route with consumers being already on their phone. But ultimately, unless you’re a mobile app, think of Snapchat as an easier method for awareness than CTR

Pro-tips for Brands on Snapchat 

1. Choose A Snapchat Influencer Who You Trust

The best and worst thing about Snapchat is that there’s generally no edits before the content gets published. This means that it’s crucial that you trust your influencer.

If you’re executing a Snapchat influencer campaign alone (instead of using Reelio’s awesome account management team ;)), make sure to ask your influencer to review their previous snaps, they should have some saved on their memories.

When you review their snaps, look to ensure their personality is a good fit for your brand and that their content is mostly vertical and have audio, as content without sound was the number one reason why one group of viewers skipped over a snap. Horizontal content was another reason viewers tuned out. 

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2. Send Snapchat Influencers to Live Events

The 24-hour expiration time on content makes snaps perfect for brief glimpses of live events.

For example, in a partnership with 20th Century Fox Theatrical, Lilly Singh, (also known as Superwoman), gave her fans a live video from her red-carpet premiere of “Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates” - an experience that most of us will never have. Giving fans access to exclusive experiences at live events - especially unattainable events - is sure to keep them checking back for more.

3. Have Your Snapchat Influencer Take Over Your Brand’s Account

This one's pretty simple. Like Instagram, having an influencer take over your brand’s Snapchat account can increase your followers. It also gives your existing audience fresh new content from another voice that aligns with your brand.

Snapchat Marketing

4. Use GeoFilters (For Branding and Game Purposes)

Last year, Bloomingdales used Geofilters over Labor Day weekend in the form of a contest. Shoppers could participate in a scavenger hunt in which they searched for Geofilters, inspired by Pokemon Go. When they snapped a filter, they were entered into a sweepstakes to win merchandise like gift cards and tickets to New York. Bloomingdales built awareness through paid and organic awareness on both Instagram and Snapchat.

Marketing with Geofilters on Snapchat

The Vice President of Social Media and Paid Media at Bloomingdales, Jonathan Paul, also said that Geofilters need to be shareable  -  if they’re not -  it will reflect in the ROI.

5. Give Your Snapchat Influencer Something to Snap About

Whether it’s your product or an exclusive experience, make sure that your influencer will be capturing something that is sure to get their audience’s attention. Last year, Verizon sent two wildly popular influencers to Super Bowl City and created multiple unique activities for them to broadcast and participate in.

The activities included catching a long-distance throw from Saints’ Quarterback Drew Brees, learning touchdown dances, and giving their followers a VIP experience to a Skrillex concert. Snapchat is a platform for video clips, part of what makes good videos is good visuals.


6. Provide Key Points, Not a Script

While you do want to provide key points, you want to avoid an influencer looking too promotional, as product placement was listed as the second reason viewers skipped over a snapchat story according to a survey users in Germany.

Note how in Superwoman’s example video above, she gets a few key messages across but it doesn’t override her authentic voice. Nordstrom has kept their Snapchat content very informal and natural, contrasting their usual ads. Remember different social media platforms require different messaging styles.

7. Use Snaps to Point to Longer Form Content

Finally, it doesn’t have to start and end with Snapchat. Have influencers use the platform to host an interesting content and then point their audience to another platform to continue the journey. This is great for brands trying to reach audiences across social platforms.

In a partnership with life insurance company Prudential, Rosy McMichaels used snaps to drive fans to her Facebook page where she was broadcasting live from a race hosted by the company. This helped the brand reach more of her audience and generated more engagement amongst the viewers Facebook.

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