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How To Grow Your Brand's YouTube Profile

By Mark Borum

in Campaign Strategy, YouTube

Posted April 6, 2017

We all know that social platforms are a fantastic way to reach and engage our audiences in a medium that they are comfortable with and in a voice they can resonate with. However, most brands find the use of YouTube to be daunting when it comes to determining how exactly to increase sales and to improve brand awareness.

While there are tons of effective ways to leverage YouTube as a marketing tool, including YouTube ads, the following three techniques have been proven to increase sales and brand recognition and are tactics even the absolute beginner can use today.

  1. Create good content. An effective video marketing strategy starts with content that is interesting, relevant, and that makes viewers want to share with friends via other social media platforms. People typically search on YouTube for one of three reasons - entertainment, education, or inspiration. By creating work that falls into one of those buckets, you’re not only closer to creating content that catches your audience’s attention, but content they’re more likely to share.
  2. Give a call-to-action. You’ve created the most amazing, shareworthy content. Your audience watched it. They loved it. Now what? Unless you’ve taken advantage of the fact that you had prime real estate for 3-5 minutes of their internet browsing activity, nothing happens next. They are on to the next article, blog post, Facebook status, video...you get the picture. You want your audience to take action? Ask them to do so. Ask them to share, to like, to comment, to subscribe, to purchase, to DO SOMETHING!
  3. Partner with Talent. You have to start thinking less like marketers and more like media companies. Remember step 1? Create good content. Brands have to tackle this in order to satiate their audience’s need for entertainment. Gone are the days of commercials. Content is king. However, most brands don’t have the Red Bull sized budgets to invest into becoming their own media empire. Partnering with talent that resonates with your audience is the quickest and most effective way to transition into a YouTube marketing strategy that actually improves awareness and boost sales.

YouTube is a powerful platform that has revolutionized the way we think about video marketing strategies.

Reelio was founded to help businesses around the world reach new levels of success and has already powered thousands of videos with hundreds of brands. To learn more about how we can improve your brand awareness and digital video results visit our Help page for answers to many common questions about YouTube marketing or get in touch!

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