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Case Study: How ThredUP Earned 22 Million Impressions

By Jessica Schimm

in Case Studies, Small Influencers

Posted March 24, 2017

How ThredUP used our platform to turn around 15 videos in just a few weeks, earning 2M impressions. Download the Case Study.


ThredUP, the world’s largest online thrift and consignment store, believes that everyone should have access to convenient, affordable attire that best celebrates their individual style.

To expedite their mission, ThredUP wanted to scale their influencer marketing efforts to drive awareness and capture acquisitions. Because their service helps people save money, the company wanted to roll out campaigns in a quick turn-around period after the holidays when people often feel stretched thin for cash.


ThredUP came to Reelio in late December with the goal of rolling out a significant amount of influencer content about their product by the end of January.  

Needing to reach as many people as possible on a quick turn-around deadline, Reelio onboarded ThredUP to its platform and recommended 8 influencers in the lifestyle, fashion and fitness verticals. Reelio’s platform helped influencers turnaround edited videos faster, enabling ThredUP to have more than a dozen published and approved branded content videos in less than a month.




Due to the streamlined workflow of Reelio’s platform, ThredUP was able to produce 15 influencer videos within a four week period, achieve 2MM+ anticipated impressions, and earned more than 346k views.

They also doubled their average conversion rate with Reelio, bringing it from it’s usual 4% to 8% proving that the influencer’s audiences were highly engaged with the brand’s message.


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Jessica Schimm

Submersed in the world of influencer marketing as communications at @Reelio. Former online voice of @Women2. Writer. Dancer. Pinterester.


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