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Influencer Instagram Search, Geographic Search, and Creator Profiles on Platform

By Paul Traficanti

in Influencer Marketing Platforms

Posted October 9, 2017

Our latest platform update is pretty exciting. We've added Instagram to our platform as well as introduced creator profiles and some new search filters. 

Work With Instagram Influencers on Reelio's Platform

Reelio now supports Instagram creators which will make things easier for brand users in a few ways. 

  • Identifying Influencers - When searching for influencers for your next campaign, you can now count Instagram in. With our platform supporting YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram search you can now find influencers from three of the largest social media platforms on earth. 

Reelio Instagram Influencer Search.png

  • Managing and contracting influencers - We recently added Facebook contracting to our platform so you easily click and add in Facebook deliverables for a given creator contract. As of today, you can now do the same for Instagram. 
  • Reporting - Our platform provides up-to-date reporting on all 3 supported platforms now so you can track content as it goes live and measure its success. 

Reelio Influencer Marketing Platform Reporting

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Analyze Influencer Demographics with Creator Profiles

Brand users can now view and analyze creator profiles which contain all creator data that Reelio collects from the platforms APIs, as well as manually entered data by creators themselves. 

Reelio Creator Profile Cross Platform.png

Find Creators in a Specific Country

Need to find a creator in South Africa? No problem. Many of our clients come to us looking to target influencers in a specific country or geographic areas to break ground in new markets, or rapidly increase growth in areas they are already seeing success. You can now leverage influencers to do exactly that on our platform. 

Find Influencer by Country

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