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10 Top YouTubers Who Have Millions of Subscribers

By Emily Vasquez

in influencer lists

Posted April 23, 2018

This list of famous YouTubers will inspire you to not give up on the big dreams you have for your YouTube channel.

YouTube is one of the biggest social platforms in the world with over a billion users and generating about a billion views daily.

Through YouTube, a variety of creative types get to share their passion with audiences around the globe - inspiring and influencing them along the way. The online video platform is full of travelers, beauty gurus, fashionistas, vloggers, comedians, gamers, interior designers and other creatives who create content around what they love.

Some YouTubers - if they're big enough - are given the opportunity to make an even greater impact on the world through brand partnerships.

From getting flown around the world to creating their own product line to becoming a brand ambassador, creators and brands have endless opportunities to expand both of their platforms through partnerships (hello new audiences!). 

These YouTubers show us that it's possible to have an incredible following in a variety of interests with their alluring videos capturing the attention of millions of followers across all of their social media platforms.

Check out this list to see today’s biggest YouTubers and what they’ve been able to accomplish.

Ten of Youtube's Biggest Creators

1. DanTDM (18M Subs) / Gaming

Daniel Robert Middleton is a professional gamer who livestreams his techniques and skills to his audience. He’s most known for his videos playing Minecraft but also plays games that are recommended to him by his subscribers. His skills have landed him on the Guinness World Record for “most goals scored in a game of Rocket League for a team of 2 and 3” and “most views for a dedicated Minecraft-video channel.” His quirky personality and great gaming skills has resulted in a huge fan base for his channel and Dan being the richest YouTuber of 2017, earning $12.3 million.


2.  IISuperwomanII (13M Subs) / Entertainment

Lilly Singh shows off her humorous personality through her comedic skits. Her content shines light on the daily struggles and funny experiences that are relatable for the modern-day millennial. Some of her most popular videos include “how girls get ready” and “types of parents.” She’s also made content with many well-known celebrities in Hollywood including the Rock, Zendaya, and Selena Gomez. She’s worked with high-end brands like Kate Spade, Smashbox Cosmetics, and Calvin Klein.


3. RyanToysReview (12M subs) / Toy Reviews and Unboxing

Six- year-old Ryan has earned $11 million with his toy reviews, challenges, and educational videos.  Parents can use this child-friendly channel as a resource for future toy ideas for their kids. Ryan teaches younger viewers facts about animals and science experiments for elementary and middle schoolers which could expand their knowledge and learning abilities.



4. Bethany Mota (10M Subs)  / DIY & beauty

Longtime YouTuber Bethany Mota is most known for her beauty-related videos. She likes to show off her favorite outfit ideas and hairstyles and also demonstrates DIY crafts for room decor and seasonal decorations. Her popularity on YouTube has sprung her into the mainstream spotlight, making appearances on The Ellen Show and participating on Dancing with the Stars Season 19 as a contestant. Two years ago, Aeropostale launched her fashion collection  that had pieces which ranged from girly dresses, graphic tees, jeans to jewelry pieces.


5. Rosanna Pansino (9.7M Subs) / Baking

Rosanna Pansino gets creative with fun ideas on her YouTube channel. In her series called “nerdy nummies” she creates unique cakes, cupcakes, cookies and drink recipes that are inspired by games and famous childhood movies. She also bakes castle cakes, rainbow cakes, and even a Disney princess cake (which has 176 million views). She has worked with brands like Barbie and Google Play, and has her own baking line called RO, (also her nickname), that she partnered with the company Wilton to design.


6. Eh Bee Family (5.3M subs) / Family Channel

Eh Bee family is a family of four who became popular on Vine with their comedy skits. They’ve transitioned to YouTube and post about 3 to 5 times a week. They give viewers insight to their daily life through their vlogs which sometimes feature food and game challenges they’ve done and they’ve partnered with family-friendly brands such as Kohl’s, ChuckECheeses, and Clean and Clear.


7. Fun for Louis (2M Subs) / Travel

Filmmaker Louis Cole travels all around the world and has been to places like Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and other global destinations. At one point, the world traveler was living in a mini bus and not too long after, was later introduced to the world of YouTube that changed his life. He was discovered by large companies for his adventurous videos and has traveled the world for free with partnerships from Light Speed, GoPro, DJI, and Sony. 


7. Koleen Diaz (1.1 Million) / Fashion & Beauty

Koleen Diaz has a popular beauty and fashion YouTube channel. She demonstrates her glam and luxurious style by posting get-ready-with-me videos, outfit ideas for different occasions and try-on hauls that range from very affordable to being more on the pricier side. She also shares her favorite music with her audience. She's partnered with fashion brands like Windsor, Nastygal, and Missguided.


8. Mr.Kate (2.2 Million) / Interior Design

Mr.Kate is an interior design channel that consists of a married couple, Kate and Joey, who share their passion for interior design through their YouTube videos, as well as their creative and quirky relationship. They design rooms for other famous YouTubers such as Liza Koshy and Manny Mua as well as other individuals. They make videos on how to rearrange your room in a way that represents you and how to make space work the best way possible. They redo rooms on both low budgets and high budgets and also incorporate a lot of DIY crafts and other helpful tips for budget-friendly reconstruction.

These are just some of the incredible channels that have gained the love and support of millions of people on YouTube. Their fan base continues to grow and it’s easy to see why.

With consistent, thoughtful, high-quality content they’ve been able to partner with some of today’s most well-known brands. If you’re interested in working with brands, sign up for our creator portfolio.  

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