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Work With Micro Influencers and You'll Love The Engagement

By Jessica Schimm

in Engagement Rate, Finding Influencers

Posted March 24, 2017

Micro influencers earn higher engagement rates on average for brands. Bigger isn't always better. 

In early conversations, many of our clients want to partner with the "top influencers," and this makes sense, you want a bigger social reach for your brand. But creators with bigger audiences aren’t always better depending on your goals and budgetary restraints.

There’s no doubt that working with larger influencers can do amazing things for your brand, but smaller creators can also be equally amazing and, in fact, more effective and less risky if you’re on a tighter budget, an eCommerce brand or are a small business.  They're also great for experimenting with different video styles and audiences. Below are the benefits of working with influencers that have < 100,000 subscribers.  

The Benefits of Micro Influencers

Higher Engagement Rates

Subscriber counts may not be all that they seem. Many brand clients assume that creators with a higher number of subscribers will meet or exceed their marketing KPIs across the board, but this insn't always the case. On average, medium to micro influencers generate better engagement rates with their audience than influencers with large followings.

If your goals are to earn high a click through rate, and/or a lot of likes and shares, influencers with  a lower a subscriber count are actually better for those goals, according to our data.

Micro influencers have higher engagement

If high engagement rate is your most important KPI, we recommend starting your influencer search with smaller creators.

More Willing to Collaborate on Content

Not only do you have stronger engagement rate with micro influencers, but you usually have more flexibility in how you want your product to be integrated and talked about, as they are more willing to make last minute video changes and edits to videos. You also don’t typically have to worry about talent managers and MCNs who can interfere with the process.

Safer Approach to Testing Audiences and Video Types

Another benefit of working with micro influencers, is testing a variety of creators content and then redistributing the best performing content in your other channels. This is especially important for brands focused on increasing acquisition, as one of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting all of your budget into one influencer. Spreading your budget out amongst a few influencers mitigates the risk, because you’ve taken a portfolio approach.


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A Closer Look 

What Does Success With Micro Influencers Look Like?

Smaller influencers have less than 100,000 subscribers and cover a variety of verticals - not just niche verticals - contrary to what some clients think, making them a great option for all brands.

ThredUP is one of many brands who saw major success by using the strategy of working with a variety of smaller influencers.  

The online thrift and consignment shop which makes brand names affordable to everyone came to Reelio at the end of December looking to quickly implement influencer marketing efforts at the end of the holiday when consumers are feeling extra stretched for cash.  Knowing that they wanted to drive CTRs and scale their influencer efforts, we partnered ThredUP with eight perfectly matched influencers in beauty, fashion and fitness verticals.

Within four weeks of the initial initiative ThredUP had:

  • more than 2 million impressions
  • doubled their average conversion rate
  • Earned 350k+ views
  • Earned an astounding 7% CTR

ThredUP Case Study (Visit the official case study page to download it).

ThredUp Influencer Marketing Case Study 

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