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How to Measure the Impact of Your Influencer Campaign

By Jessica Schimm

in Campaign Strategy, ROI

Posted October 6, 2016

Learn what influencer marketing strategies are best for your brand client’s goals.


Determining the impact of your client’s influencer campaign goes beyond comparing click-through rates. So then, with the suite of metrics their provided, what are meaningful results?

This simple answer? It depends. Different metrics will have more weight based on the goal your brand client is driving toward. Each campaign structure is going to trigger various audience actions (some more than others), and each action advances a different KPI. Below, we’ve identified 4 types of branded-content campaigns and the metrics that brands should place the highest value to accomplish them.

Brand Awareness & Lift

The main goal in a brand awareness and lift campaign is to be seen by as many eyeballs as possible. To accomplish this, your brand client is going to want to use the right influencers to scale your messaging, reach your target audience, and efficiently engage them. They’ll also want to have multiple videos or longer campaign flights.

Best for brands looking to:

  • Reach a new target audience
  • Release a new product
  • Have a seasonal blitz

Measure the success of this campaign by:

  • Views
  • Impressions

Tune-In / Awareness Blitz

The main goal in a Tune-In / Awareness Blitz campaign is to maximize impact in a shorter campaign period. During this type of campaign, influencers most-frequently capitalize on real-time events (like movie premieres, music festivals and industry-specific events like SXSW), and use multiple channels to highlight the event or specific messaging all at the same time. More specifically, an influencer would live stream and use their other channels to direct their followers to the stream. To achieve success, your brand client will want to tap into an influencer’s entire social stadium (see Verizon's cross-platform campaign case study) all within a few hours or a few days. This is in contrast to doing a longer-form campaign to achieve goals of the campaign above Brand Awareness & Lift.

Best for brands looking to:

  • Drive specific actions for a brand in a shorter campaign period

Measure the success of this campaign by:

  • Brand velocity across all social networks
  • Social chatter that occurred during that time

Never-Been-Done-Before Creative Execution

The main goal here is to make a campaign that your target audience will be talking about.  These campaigns push creative boundaries, challenge norms and make people think. In order to achieve success, the brand client should be looking for engagement. If the brand’s audience is commenting, liking, sharing, and continuing to come back to view the content and share it with their friends, then the goal has been accomplished.

If the brand is looking to do this type of campaign, we highly recommend involving the influencer you’re working with in the ideation process. You’re essentially tapping into a whole new world of creative ideas for your brand to consider. Influencers are consistently asking their audience; “What type of videos do you want to see next? What do you like? What don’t you like? What should I film next, or where should I go next?” If you want to see a couple thought starters from our influencer community, check out creator’s passion projects in Reelio Greenlight.

Best for brands looking to:

  • Win awards
  • Connect with audiences at a deeper level
  • Having a conversation with them and telling them a story from a new perspective

Measure the success of this campaign by:

  • Engagement - Likes, shares, comments, dislikes, clicks

Action-driven Campaigns

The main goal with action-driven campaigns is to drive consumers as far down the purchase funnel as possible by motivating them to click out of the social web or potential video to engage with your brand on a deeper level (see Visa Checkout & Taco Bell's Case Study with a 20% click-through rate). Brands see the most success when they offer custom coupon codes, custom product, or just motivate them with an exciting deal.

Best for brands looking to:

  • Drive CTRs and purchases

Measure the success of this campaign by:

  • CTRs

What Story Does Your Brand Client Want to Tell Their Supervisor?

Ask the brand client to think about the story they want to tell their supervisor when everything wraps up. Have them think about the kind of data they want to share to backup whatever those meaningful results are, whether it’s engagements, impressions, shares, brand lift or velocity. Your campaign manager will then ensure that all of the necessary trackers are in place so your brand client has one hell of a case study.

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