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LA-Based Fitness Influencers to Partner With For Your New Year’s Marketing Campaign

By Jessica Schimm

in Finding Influencers

Posted December 14, 2017

A list of fitness influencers based in LA to partner with for your brand’s New Year's campaign.  

It’s almost the most crowded gym-month time of the year.


With New Years comes new gym memberships, a spike in the Google search term "gyms", cleaner eating habits and self-help books, all in effort to manifest a better version of ourselves. And social media, apps and wearable tech products have all made physical fitness more trackable (and arguably more attainable) than at any other time in history.

Marketers who want to target an audience that's interested in health and wellness should tap into the content consumers are already watching that's inspiring them to act on their health & wellness goals. 

47% of millennials say they've watched YouTube videos to improve their health or feel better after feeling down - Think With Google. 

The global health and fitness industry generates $80 billion a year, and the United States is the biggest market contributor in revenue and fitness clubs, Statista tells us. The most popular fitness-related items that are purchased in the health and fitness industry are health goods, workout gear, gym memberships and classes, followed by wearables and apps, according to eMarketer

With all of the advancements in health tech and flurry of self-made content on health and wellness, health is more attainable than ever.  

You can now complete a yoga routine in the comfort of your own home, watch a weight lift session while at the gym, track your running pace and distance (with famous athletes cheering you on), monitor your sleep levels, accurately count your carbs, mediate and more all with a smartphone, and access to the internet. 

And while consumers want to know about fitness routines, they also want to live and eat healthier. These days, brands are partnering with fitness influencers to grow their audience around food products, supplements and mindfulness products.

Self-created content dedicated to health, wellness and fitness have continued to grow in demand, with YouTube and Facebook being the 4th and 5th most-used platforms consumers turn to to get information about their health care. Here is a list of influencers we found using our platform that can help get the word out about your your health and wellness brand. 

LA-Based Fitness Influencers


maryana.jpgMaryana Dvorska (YouTube 65k, Instagram 193k)

Maryana’s viewers are inspired by her 3 year body-transformation journey. She posts workout videos for her viewers to follow along with and her daily eats.  


lauren_salaun.pngLauren Salaun 

(YouTube 1.9k, Instagram 15k)

Lauren runs a fitness and nutrition business with her brother. Her Instagram and YouTube account feature a mix of fitness content and lifestyle content that also features tips on health and wellness, beauty looks, notes on how to run a business and more.



amanda_bucci.jpgAmanda Bucci 

(YouTube 197k, Instagram 570k)

Amanda is taking her viewers on her fitness journey as she enters body building competitions, films her workouts and shares life advice after she learns it herself.



jazmine_garcia.jpgJazmine Garcia 

(YouTube 260k, Instagram 416k)

Jazmine Garcia is a lifestyle influencer with an entire YouTube playlist dedicated to fitness content. In this playlist, she shows her lifting routines, her meals for the day and the fitness apps she uses to help her keep on target.


If you want to set up a New Year's campaign with these influencers, set up a call with our team.  If you want to browse through more influencers, check out our mass 85+ influencer list

Jessica Schimm

Submersed in the world of influencer marketing as communications at @Reelio. Former online voice of @Women2. Writer. Dancer. Pinterester.

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