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Influencer Campaign Ideas for Valentine’s Day

By Jessica Schimm

in Seasonal Campaigns

Posted January 25, 2018

Here's how you can get the word out about your product on Valentine’s Day with influencers. 

For some, it’s a day for flowers, dinner reservations and even marriage proposals (6 million, in fact). For others it’s a girls night filled with good wine and chatter. For families with young kids, it’s a day for Valentine’s Cards with taped candies; and for others, it’s just another cold winter day, until someone reminds them that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Who's your audience?

There's an influencer that speaks to every kind of audience, so before you start thinking about the influencers you want to work with for a Valentine’s Day campaign, it’s important to first understand what Valentine’s Day means to your audience. 

Are they interested in impressing a partner? (See our list of cute YouTube couples to partner with on Valentine's Day) Seeing their daughter smile? Bringing the best baked goods to a girl’s night?… You get the idea. A little pre-thought will make your Feburary 14th influencer campaign much more effective.

What Influencers Can You Work With on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day Campaigns can work for influencers that talk about:

  • Tech
  • Sports
  • Food / Baking / Dining
  • DYI / Home decor
  • Entertainment (hello Romcoms + books)
  • CPG
  • Fashion
  • Social missions

Any audiences listed above may be interested in impressing a partner, baking sweet things for Valentine's Day, grooming products, making a statement with their outfit or volunteering on this day of love or believes in the "anti-Valentine's Day."  To get more ideas on how to put your brand in the middle of Valentine's Day, check out our campaign thought starters below!

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