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How to Use Your Influencer Content

By Jessica Schimm Posted October 27, 2017

Here’s how to repurpose, reuse and redistribute your influencer content.

Influencer marketing is a long-term marketing investment that can afford you benefits long after the content is published.

Influencer content not only often racks in views and engagements months - and even years later - but also, if licensed, can provide more relevant content to your audience and at times out-perform brand-made content.  

Marketers have used influencer content in brand content channels like social media and blogs, and in paid advertising channels, like Facebook and Instagram ads, and pre-roll.

Why Repurpose Influencer Content

So, why use influencer content? Well, for starters it’s content that’s tailored to your audience about your brand and already approved by your brand. To pay for new content assets to be made about your brand could be to start this process all over again.   

It’s also already content that you’ve seen performance data on. Brands that use a portfolio of influencers will often license the content that has performed the best out of the set.

Influencer content also usually looks like user-generated content and 86% of millennials say that UGC is a good indicator of a quality brand. The only difference, in fact, is that UGC content by definition cannot be paid for.  Hubspot also reports that UGC content results in more engagement on Instagram (which Instagram then prioritizes).

For some brands, distributing approved homemade content can result in higher-clicked PPC ads; for others, a creative storyline (liked the one Machine Zone used on their YouTube channel  - see below), can get an audience excited about your product.

No matter what the content looks like, it’s worth noting that brand-created digital video ads viewed on desktop earned an average CTR of 0.7%, whereas influencer videos on YouTube earn an average CTR rate of 2.0% industry-wide, according to eMarketer. Why wouldn’t you want to put influencer content into a digital video ad?

Questions to Consider for Licensing Influencer Content

When done right, repurposing influencer content can help you stretch the ad dollars you’ve already invested in a marketing campaign.

Does reusing influencers’ content cost you money?

No, only if you want to license it.

If you link back to the influencer’s content, no matter where you distribute it, you do not need to pay a licensing fee.

The only time you need to pay to reuse and redistribute an influencer’s content is if you want to change the location of where the content lives. So, if you wanted to use it in a television commercial or upload it onto your brand’s YouTube channel, you’d have to pay for the license, because the influencer doesn’t see the direct benefits of views and engagements if it’s not on their channel.

If you do want to buy the original raw content and republish, you need the influencer’s permission first. And while it can be negotiated further in the campaign process; influencers usually prefer if you mention that you’d be interested in it upfront.

Here are some questions you should think about if you think your brand might be interested in licensing the content.

  • Where and how you will use an influencer’s content? Outlining where and when you’d like to reuse an influencer’s content can be very helpful in getting them agree to license it. Below we highlight the various ways you can use influencer content.
  • Do you want a shorter license or a full-rights license? Consider whether you would like the raw files of the content or would just like to repost or republish the link to the content in your channels. Short-term licenses are usually easier to get and run from 3 to 6 to 12 months.You could also request for lifetime ownership, but this usually rare and would have to come at a hefty price tag.
  • Do you want to use the full piece of content or parts of it? If an influencer is not doing a full-integration, you may just want to repurpose the parts of the content - like in a video, for example - and leave the rest out.

So where can you use influencer content? A lot of places.

Repost Influencer Content on Your Brand’s Social Media Channels

Both video and photo influencer content can be repurposed on your brand’s social media channels and marketers are taking advantage. As of February 2017, 74% of US marketers used influencer content after campaigns on their brand's social channels.

Republish an Influencer Video on Your YouTube Channel

This method does require you to license the video.

The cost of producing a compelling video can be expensive, and it doesn’t include distribution.

If your influencer content showed great performance rates, save your money on the production and use your savings on licensing the influencer content and targeted distribution.

Machine Zone bought full-licensed rights to the video an influencer made for their gaming app and republished it on the YouTube channel of the product the influencer made content for. It has generated more than 900,000 views.



They also reposted it in on their Instagram, where it has earned more than 2000 views.

Regram an Influencer Photos on Instagram

This method does not require you to license the content.

Videos aren’t the only content you can republish. Influencers’ photos can be reposted on brand accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

ThredUP posted influencer content on their own channel, regramming from influencer @Vanablack.

Reuse influencer content.png

Use Influencer Content on Your Website

If you’re using an embed link to a video or a post, you do not need to license the content.

Reusing influencer content on websites can help establish trust with new and old visitors and is a tactic used by 50% of marketers who repurpose influencer content.

Reviews are important and effective, especially for e-commerce brands. In a survey of 2,445 US online audiences, 71% agree that consumer reviews make them more comfortable that they are buying the right product.

Ovation Hair Cell Therapy, a company that makes hair strengthening products put their influencer review videos on the homepage of their website. It helps show new customers how the product works, the results and includes key messages about the product.

How Ovation Cell Therapy reused influencer content on their website

Use Influencer Content in Your Email Campaigns

This method does not require full rights to the content.

You can also send out influencer content to your email list - an audience who is already dedicated to your brand, and 40% of marketers reuse it in email campaigns.

In an interview with eMarketer, Aaron Able, head of content and social media strategy at West Elm, said that they use user-generated content on lots of channels, including email campaigns. 

“Whenever we produce ads for social channels, we step back and look at it from a user’s perspective, not a branding perspective.” - Aaron Able, West Elm (eMarketer)

If your influencer content saw high engagement rates, and you are looking to boost engagement rates in your email, this could be a good platform to redistribute.

Redistribute Influencer Content in PPC and Facebook Ads

If you’re linking to the influencer’s content, then you do not need to license it.

Influencer content can help drive better engagement with your pay-per-click campaigns because the content is engaging without being overly branded. PPC and Facebook ads are a great way to implement best-performing influencer content, especially when 70% of people say they’d rather learn about products through content, rather than traditional advertising.

36% of marketers have used influencer content for paid ads on social media.

As new technologies and platforms emerge, the ways in which you can redistribute content will continue to evolve and grow, but we hope this list acts as a good starting point.

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