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6 Tips to Help Get You an Instagram Sponsorship

By Jessica Schimm

in Instagram

Posted November 9, 2017

Want to get money from Instagram sponsorships? We want to help.

Alright. So you’ve grown an engaged following and you’re ready for your first brand sponsorship.

Here’s a checklist of actions to help ensure you’re giving yourself the best chances possible of getting a brand deal.

Make it Easy for Brands to Get in Contact With You

The easier brands can get in contact with you, the more brand deals you’ll open yourself up to. Marketers are strapped for time, and may limit their outreach to those who provide contact information. One influencer noticed an increase in brand deal offers after putting his email in his Instagram bio. You could also put your email in your YouTube About page, Linkedin or other online portfolio.

Register on an Influencer Platform

A lot of marketers use influencer platforms to quickly find influencers. Registering on an influencer platform is a great way to get your name out in an ‘influencer shopping marketplace’.

If you have more than 7,500 followers, you can join Reelio’s platform, which facilitates brand sponsorships on all of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook Official Page.


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Reach Out to Brands You Like

If you like a brand, don’t be afraid to reach out to them and pitch an idea or tag the brand name in your post. Influencer’s content ideas can be more relevant and make for a more genuine sponsorship.   

“My #1 tip is always be the one reaching out! You never know when a brand will see potential and contact you back.” - Instagram influencer Dominika Nova

image1 (2).jpeg Food_brat, which boasts 1,577 followers,  tags brands in her Instagram posts, which can be a great way for brands to notice your content. 


Don’t Partner With a Brand That You Don’t Like

As tempting as it is to get a paycheck for an instagram-sponsored post, don’t agree to it if the brand doesn’t align with your values.

Viewers will pick up on the inauthenticity and most likely not engage with the post as well as you would’ve liked. Advertisers are paying for the trust you’ve built with your audience, don’t break it.

Additionally, content that’s backed by a brand you love is probably going to get you better performance rates and most likely result in higher-quality sponsorships. Being selective about the brands you partner with will also prevent you from overloading your audience on sponsored posts.

Play by FTC Guidelines

Be transparent about your #sponsored and #ad hashtags, this tells marketers that you take sponsorships seriously and that you’re not going to cause them a headache with the FTC. To help keep your sponsorships transparent, try Instagram’s new brand-sponsorship tagging feature.  

Post Thoughtful Content

Thoughtful content means posts are high-quality and on brand. Marketers look to partner with influencers because the content influencers create is often much more relevant than anything they could create on their own for their target audience. High-quality content maintains healthy engagement rates and also attracts marketers that have an eye for quality and meaningful content.

Before you post to Instagram, ask yourself:

  • does this photo and caption communicate my values?
  • is the photo meaningful to your brand?
  • does it feel repetitive?

When it comes down to it - stay true to who you are.

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