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How Influencer Reviews Can Help Your Product

By Chelsea Mahoney

in Campaign Strategy

Posted June 27, 2017

Got a not-so-great review from Sandy A. in Wisconsin? Influencers can help generate positive brand lift and help reverse negative reviews with product videos.

There’s a pretty iconic episode of Mad Men where a fictional business called Caldicott Farms approaches Sterling Cooper (the ad agency featured on the show) to help them (more or less) rebrand. Why? Because consumers found out that the dog food they bought is made of horse meat. When Caldicott Farms asks advertising mastermind Don Draper what they should do, he simply answers “if you don’t like what they’re saying, change the conversation.”

Though changing the conversation may be difficult, it is crucial towards keeping your brand afloat. According to a 2015 Nielsen report, 70%  of global consumers trust online reviews. So, if your product or brand has a negative online review, 70% of the people who read this review will trust it, no matter how asinine the review is.

According to Entrepreneur.com, consumers “turn to their friends’ reviews first.” This makes sense; we trust our friends’ opinions most, but how exactly can your brand reach out to your consumer’s BFF and start the conversation? Why influencer marketing of course!

Consumers feel connected to influencers, more so than the average celebrity and often times see them more as friends or peers. They trust influencers. You know who consumers don’t trust? Brands. In fact, consumers trust only 22% of brands.

Influencers are, more or less, consumers stand-in and trustworthy BFFs.  The person instead of the logo. The BFF your brand can reach out to to promote or discuss your product. The BFF consumers trust way more than Sandy A. from Wisconsin. Influencers allow you to connect with an audience in an authentic, genuine way which results in increased engagement and strong returns.

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Whether you like or not, conversation about your brand is taking place on some corner of the Internet. Instead of doing damage control, responding to that poor review from Sandy A. in Wisconsin why not get ahead of your reviewers by gaining trust and winning over your target audience?

Let’s look at how to create the right influence on social media.

How Influencer Reviews Can Drive Positive Brand Lift 

Ovation Cell Therapy

Ovation Cell Therapy is a company that has used multiple influencers to guide their product reviews. In fact, Ovation Cell Therapy also uses their influencer videos on their website because they want interested buyers to see their reviews. If you watch a few of the reviews from their playlist, you can hear the consistent messaging among influencers- “this product can work for any hair type.” Ovation Cell Therapy’s Amazon reviews page is wildly positive- only three people gave it a three star review whereas 7 people gave it stellar 5 star reviews. This is the magic of influencer marketing! The strong and consistent message put forth by Ovation Cell Therapy totally pays off.

One of our favorite videos for Ovation Cell Therapy was made by Danna Ann, who is a beauty blogger with over 333 thousand YouTube subscribers. Her YouTube review of Ovation Cell Therapy products has over 16 thousand views and lots a lot of engagement.

Delivering the brand messaging doesn’t mean that the video is inauthentic. Danna is still able to keep her audience’s trust  when she openly tells her viewers that it is a sponsored post, but that she truly believes in the product and only wants to share products that she’s seen success with with her viewers. If you read the comments, you can see how her audience relates and engages with her- and that they’re incredibly interested in using Ovation Cell Therapy!



Kano Computer Kits

Another brand who useds influencer marketing to review their product is Kano. Kano is a company that makes computer kits that can teach “anyone” how to build or code. Their Amazon reviews page has over 200 reviews and over 60 per cent of them give Kano five stars. How did they earn such fantastic reviews? Can you guess? Influencer marketing, baby!

Dom Esposito is one of the influencers Kano has used to review their product. Dom is a humorous and straight forward tech blogger with over 400 thousand YouTube subscribers. If you check out the Kano review on his YouTube page you can see his product review is packaged among other reviews, which can totally work in the brands favor making it feel like a more authentic endorsement.



Notably, their Amazon reviews page has over 200 reviews and over 60 per cent of them give Kano five stars. Coincidence? Maybe not. One thing’s for sure, they’re getting ahead of the conversation about their brand online. 

Not only does influencer marketing encourage trust, authentic engagement from consumers and notable ROI, it also allows you to take control of your messaging. With influencer marketing, you would provide the influencer with clear and well-defined talking points- like Ovation Cell Therapy did with their influencers. By reaching out to influencers who honestly and authentically support your product and providing them with clear messaging, you will undoubtedly influence product reviews written by the Sandy A. from Wisconsins of the world.

The truth is, it is possible to change the conversation. The best way is through the voices of others.

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