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How to Get a YouTube Sponsorship

By Jessica Schimm

in YouTube, YouTube Sponsorship

Posted November 1, 2017

So, you want to get a YouTube sponsorship? Here's a few high-level tips for those who are just starting out. 

Want to get YouTube sponsorships? It’s not as hard as you think, and eMarketer reports that "brands and influencers are leaning toward videoto maximize the authentic feel of sponsored posts."  With a little dedication and commitment to quality content, you can find yourself getting brand deals in no time.

To earn quality brand partnerships with the brands you want to work with, you need to build a successful YouTube channel. To build a successful YouTube channel, you gotta start with the basics. 

Build an Audience That Trusts You

Having a dedicated audience (or audiences) is a big part of what brands are looking for when scouting out an influencer to partner with. And a trusted audience is the foundation of success for any influencer career. It can also play a key role in unlocking a career beyond YouTube, (hello tv series!).

It doesn’t have to be a big audience either. Note; there’s a reason why we said, “grow a trusted audience,” not a “big audience.”

This is because often times brands want highly-engaged audiences, and statistics show that medium and micro influencers have more engaged audiences than most bigger influencers.

A dedicated audience is so important because, of all the marketing strategies that brands can invest in to get their message out to their an audience, many of them do not come from a third party recommendation. This is powerful as 92% of consumers trust a recommendation from someone else over branded content - even people they don't know. 

Building an audience that trusts you takes time, but cross promoting your channels across all of your platforms can help expedite the process. We’ve seen a lot of influencers put their YouTube channel on their Instagram profile, and putting their YouTube channel link in their Instagram bio.

Help Brands Understand What Your Channel is About

Are you a lifestyle channel? Do you review tech products? Are you a gaming channel? Let brands know what you like to talk about. Your channel should be what you’re passionate about. Stating what it is either in the “about” section or your YouTube channel banner image, will help advertisers figure out quickly if you are reaching an audience that might have interest in their product.

And don’t worry, pronouncing a theme or themes that your channel will cover doesn’t mean that all of your content has to stick in the theme of the topic, but it’s probably related. Most channels create a variety of content that is related to their overall vertical, but not doesn’t follow it straight to a tee.

Create Consistent Quality Content

Publishing content on a consistent schedule will help you build an audience and establish trust with them (see point #1), but that’s only half the battle.

In order to keep your audience engaged, you need to make sure your content is relevant and watchable. What do we mean by watchable?

Your video has:

  • The audio is clear and sounds as natural as possible (mics can help with this).
  • The picture is steady and focused (no shaking).
  • The lighting is good (no one wants to watch a dark lit video where they’re trying to figure out what’s going on)

If you want to go above and beyond:

  • Use good graphics in your video
  • Have an awesome opening card

Make it Easy for Brands to Reach You

If you are interested in getting brand deals, make sure you put contact information somewhere that is easy to see and intuitive to find. We recommended putting an email address in the “About” section. Once you put it up there, make sure you are responding to queries right away. Fast response times signals to brands that you are reliable and interested in working with them.  

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience demographics will help speed up the conversations you’re having with brands and ultimately help you land brand deals that your audience will appreciate more. You can get your audience demographic information by going to

Creator studio (click on your channel icon)

>Analytics (on the left hand side bar)

Here you’ll find things like engagement data (likes, dislikes, comments, shares), the views for your channel, average watch time, average view duration, top geographies, gender, traffic sources, and playback locations.

> Demographics

Here you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of age and gender. It’s not uncommon for brands to ask for a screenshot of demographics.

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