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How Should Your Brand Use IGTV? Learn From These Beauty Influencers

By Jessica Schimm

in beauty influencers,

Posted August 13, 2018

Beauty influencers are testing IGTV and we’re taking notes. Get a head start on your next brand-partnership by understanding the various ways influencers are using the new video platform.

IGTV launched earlier this summer and we are here for it.

Released June 20th, the new video tool, (that is both its own app and exists natively on Instagram), gives both consumers and influencers much more video time in front of their audience - a combination that was previously not an option for Instagram users.

With Instagram’s Stories feature, users can upload edited videos, but only have 15 seconds of video time. With Instagram’s Live video feature, users have longer video time, but no option for edited content.

IGTV closes the gap where both other video features come up short, offering standard users now 10 minutes of edited video time and creators and celebrities up to 60 minutes.

That’s a lot of minutes, and a lot of room for experimentation. It has us asking the following questions:

Will we be watching Netflix-like episodic content with robust plot lines and incredible casts on IGTV? Will we be seeing augmented reality features in the future? Will 60-minute content be successful on mobile?

We don’t have all of the answers yet, but we do know that Instagram has been working with creators specifically to understand what they need and want on IGTV, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger told Refinery 29.

In effort to understand how creators are responding to IGTV, we took a look at how beauty influencers are testing the new feature, particularly Instagram is an important platform for beauty marketers.

A Look at How Beauty Influencers Are Using IGTV and Why They're a Great Guide for Brands That Prefer Instagram

In the last few weeks, we’ve been observing how some beauty influencers have been using IGTV.

This is for a few reasons; the first being that Instagram has proven to be a strong platform for the beauty industry.  Back in April, of nearly 400 marketers, 78% surveyed said that Instagram was the best platform for monetization.


So why Instagram their preferred platform? According to beauty marketers, it's because the influencer’s audience is the most engaged on this channel. 

High-engagement on Instagram is valuable for brands because Instagram rewards it by showing more posts from that account to users who've liked posts from it before (or the “relationship factor” as TechCrunch described it). This contributes to building a stronger relationship between consumers and a brand or influencer. 

Instagram Monetization


Secondarily, and relatable to a large number of brands, beauty marketers have said that Instagram has the best content formats for their products; and this makes sense as Instagram prioritizes visual content, which arguably best displays the products beauty marketers are trying to sell.

Visual content isn’t just desired by beauty brands though. Any brand that places value on aesthetic experiences or products (like travel brands, design brands, fashion brands, fitness brands), can gain value from how beauty influencers are using IGTV.

Brands that have audiences which place value on aesthetics can use our assessment below (of how beauty influencers are using IGTV), to get high-level ideas of the kind of content influencers might be interested in producing on IGTV. 

Why brands should know what influencers are up to on IGTV in its early days of adoption:

    • To understand how influencers are engaging their audience on IGTV.
    • To get inspired by the content you can collaborate on in the future with influencers for IGTV.
    • To get context for the conversations with the influencers about IGTV for brand deals.


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How Beauty Influencers Are Using IGTV


Teasing YouTube Videos (Prioritizes awareness)

Re-sharing or teasing YouTube videos is a common use case for IGTV currently. We expect to see more crossposting of YouTube videos while both influencers and users are still getting used to the new long-form video function. Crosspromotion strategies are a low lift for both brands and influencers and a good strategy for driving awareness.

Beauty influencer Nicol Concilio is using IGTV to tease her YouTube videos. By doing so, she's also spreading awareness of her original YouTube video to her Instagram audience.

How Beauty Influencers are using IGTV_Artboard 2
In this example, Nicol Concillo is crossposting content from her YouTube channel which drives awareness of her content to audiences on different platforms.


IGTV-Optimized Content (prioritizes engagement)

Some beauty influencers are creating IGTV-specific content for the platform, which encourages engagement from users. In the example below, this is demonstrated by both the influencer helping users know how to interact and making content on seamless vertical video formats.

Beauty influencer Bailey B created vertical videos tailored to IGTV (as opposed to re-sharing a YouTube video which may have a horizontal format), guaranteeing a fit for content within the vertical screen view.

She also uses arrows to help her audience learn where to like and comment on the new video format. Lastly, in effort to grow her audience on IGTV, she addresses questions from viewers on her YouTube channel on IGTV, incentivizing her YouTube audience to migrate to the new platform.

How Beauty Influencers are using IGTV_Artboard 3
In this example, Bailey B, focuses on user engagement, keeping everything important in the frame and showing them how to engage on the new video platform.


Sponsorships on IGTV (currently prioritizes engagement and visuals)

Beauty brands are already testing sponsorships on IGTV. The good news is that so far, for a basic product integration, it doesn’t seem too much different than that of a YouTube sponsorship, with the exception of an emphasis on vertical video.  

Beauty influencer Thatgirlshaexo, posted a polished vertical video of Sigma’s brush cleaner with a 10% off code on IGTV. The video focuses on up-close, detailed shots of the product. In total, the video has been up for six weeks. We’re curious to see how long influencers will keep IGTV content, including sponsored videos.

How Beauty Influencers are using IGTV_Artboard 4
In this example, thatgirlshaexo, focuses on detailed visuals of the product in action.


Behind-the-Scenes Content (Prioritizes relatability)

 As Fullscreen predicted early on, influencers are also posting behind-the-scenes content to give their users a look into different areas of their lives.

Beauty influencer LoveBrownSugar has used IGTV to post some behind-the-scenes content with a get-ready-with-me video for Essence Fest.

How Beauty Influencers are using IGTV_Artboard 5
 In this example, Lovebrownsugar, shares behind-the-scenes content with her viewers. 


We Predict IGTV is Going to Continue to Grow, With Dedicated Fans Leading the Way

While users are still adapting to IGTV, the ones who are tuning in regularly now are potentially some of the influencer’s most dedicated fans (who are following them from platform to platform) that could be highly valuable for brands.

Overall, we suspect IGTV to be adopted by users easily, particularly due to the low learning curve with the similar engagement styles and comment functions it shares with other Instagram video options.

Content on IGTV will continue to evolve, but currently, here's our top takeaways of how beauty influencers are using IGTV right now. On IGTV, influencers are:

    • Mostly using vertical video
    • Mostly keeping their videos on the shorter side
    • Crossposting content from their previous channels
    • Executing brand deals
    • Leaving their video content up for a 4-6 weeks

We share Fullscreen’s, thoughts that IGTV will both grow in users and in creative content, and also think there’s a good chance it could become competitive with other video-centric platforms like Snapchat and YouTube, especially now that Instagram has recently reached a billion users.

We’ll continue to keep a pulse on how creators are using IGTV, so stay tuned for further updates, but until then, find out what more beauty influencers are up to on YouTube with our lists of rising beauty influencers and top beauty influencers.


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