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How to Find Influencers Easily with Reelio

By Jessica Schimm

in Case Studies

Posted August 28, 2017

With improved search functions for influencers on Reelio, this digital marketer got to focus more on his strategy and less time finding influencers.  

Diego heads the influencer marketing efforts for Lingoda, an online language learning school, that allows anyone to learn a new language anywhere, at anytime.

With the responsibility of increasing traffic numbers, acquisitions, and raising brand awareness, Diego de Vicente identified influencer marketing as an effective method. But it can also be a time consuming one, and Diego is running influencer strategy as a team of one.

As an experienced influencer marketing coordinator who was operating solely, Diego was looking for a platform that could be the ultimate team player for his influencer efforts. We sat down to talk with Diego about his influencer strategy and how Reelio’s platform has eased his process.

Why Did Lingoda Choose an Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Lingoda is the language learning tool for the modern-day, on-the-go millennial - who is juggling work, side hustles, a social life and is planning their next trip to a non-english speaking country.

With the ability to schedule classes anytime day or night, Lingoda is able to provide flexibility to its users that physical classroom settings can’t compete with. The online platform also lets its users tailor their training based on their language level, giving them options of small classroom sessions or one-on-one private lessons. Either way, users work with qualified native speakers toward a globally-accepted certification that can be used in employment, education or immigrant situations.

By nature of being an online platform that is perfect for millennials, influencer marketing was an ideal strategy to reach Lingoda’s target audience - young, savvy, online users.



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Find High-Quality Influencers, Who Can Deliver Results

Up until a few months ago, Diego was trudging through the manual work of influencer marketing that even the most experienced marketers can’t avoid without the help of some platform tools.

Searching for creators on Google and YouTube only enabled Diego to find creators who had relevant content and style, but couldn’t tell him whether they were easy to work with or what kind of results he could expect.

“It’s just difficult when you’re on your own, have full ownership of a project, and have to outreach to creators for a campaign.”

So, what was Diego looking for? Travel, education, DIY and lifestyle influencers.

If we break this down, it makes a lot of sense. Those tuned into educational influencers often have a strong interest in learning new skill sets, those who like DIY influencers are motivated by self-learning, and those who watch travel and lifestyle influencers often have interest in various cultures and language learning.

Finding channels with content on these topics was relatively easy, but finding creators in those categories who are an appropriate brand fit requires even more searching. And even when you find a creator who is a good brand fit, it doesn’t necessarily mean a creator is professional to work with, which is crucial for meeting your brand’s deadlines. Let’s take a look at how Diego’s influencer search experience was enhanced on the Reelio platform.

Influencer marketing results


Identify Influencers in the Categories You Want

Diego, with years of influencer experience under his belt, knew what kind of influencer he was looking for, but couldn’t easily filter through many qualified candidates at once. He onboarded to Reelio to find influencers faster and quickly found what he was looking for.

Reelio’s featured creators list and platform search was easily able to connect him to multiple influencers in the categories that he was targeting. This lead him to new influencers, whose quality he could trust and that he hadn’t found before in his organic searches.  

“Reelio is a very good tool for discovery purposes.” -Head of Influencer Strategy, Lingoda 

YouTubers TribeTyler and Paloma Renee, were two of them and both had personal stories to tell about why they’d like to learn new languages.

Both influencers are genuine and enthusiastic as they talk about Lingoda’s value props in their videos. It’s also clear from the comments that their audiences share an affinity in learning languages, all backing out to a relevant influencer match for Diego.

Lingoda's influencer integration with TribeTyler.

“Reelio has been of great help in finding new creators outside of my research," Diego said in a recent call. "And  makes communication and campaign (with influencers) execution way easier to handle.”

Plan Multiple Influencer Campaigns With Creator Rosters

Reelio’s platform is not only helping Diego speed up the execution of his current campaigns, it’s also helping him quickly plan the next ones with creator rosters.

Creator rosters enable brands to create “lineups” of influencers, organized by campaign and content category.  

find influencers recommended creators
A snapshot of Reelio's creator rosters feature.

One thing Diego finds most helpful about creator rosters, is the ability to see his full lineup of creators at a glance, adjusting as necessary throughout the process, before he officially enlists them. 

“Rosters enable me to adjust my campaign strategy quickly, when needed,” Diego said.

By adding influencers to rosters as he discovers them (in an out-of-sight view from influencers), he is able to better visualize all of the voices of a single campaign in one place, making the planning of future campaigns much more efficient.

Ultimately, working in a platform that has helped him discover and find more creators has resulted in Diego being able to focus on what really matters most, his strategy.

“As you can imagine, having a tool such as Reelio helps me to focus on whatever is more important ...which is not outreaching to creators, but, for example, coming up with better content creation or content strategy.”

Stay tuned for an update on de Vicente’s campaign results in the coming weeks!

“So far I’m very happy, and I have to say, I have very good results.”

Reelio influecner marketing platform data


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