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Fullscreen has Acquired Reelio!

By Jessica Schimm Posted April 4, 2018

Fullscreen’s acquisition of Reelio means more robust influencer campaigns and branded content opportunities.

If you see us dancing on the streets this week, it’s because…

Reelio has been acquired by Fullscreen!!

And it’s got us feeling like this:

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and like this:

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We could not be more excited to announce our integration with Fullscreen, the leader in social-first entertainment experiences.

The result of this acquisition is a holistic solution for influencer marketing campaigns that is unmatched in the market.

Reelio’s technology supplements Fullscreen’s robust influencer offerings, resulting in more scalable, impactful and measurable influencer marketing campaigns for creators and brands.

“The strength of Reelio’s data, technology, and team will be a huge asset to our company, and we’re excited to work alongside them as we continue to enhance our influencer marketing offerings,” said Pete Stein, Fullscreen’s General Manager.

More specifically, the technology behind Reelio’s influencer platform makes the process of connecting brands and influencers smarter and easier by generating more meaningful matches through data. This complements the suite of social-first entertainment experiences that Fullscreen offers and translates into an influencer marketing campaign experience that allows brands to scale, streamline and broaden their efforts with influencers at unparalleled creative standards and faster rates.

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Influencers and brands can work together a few different ways: through white glove, custom integrated marketing services and production, curated influencer marketing campaign management, direct self-service transactions with creators, and the ability to leverage Fullscreen’s influencer marketing platform to support their own in-house staff. The opportunities are only going to grow.

“Fullscreen excels at brand building, fostering long-term, meaningful relationships with creators, and creating relevant, high-quality impactful content, and we’re excited to innovate together,” said Pete Borum, Reelio’s CEO.

We are excited to merge our technology, talent, resources and cultures to create a best-in-class influencer marketing service and look forward to the innovative content that results. See the full press release.

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