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13 Cute YouTube Couples That Show Us What True Love Looks Like

The cutest couples on YouTube who are vlogging their way through life.

While there are dozens of creators on YouTube, vloggers are perhaps the most fearless; and that’s what makes them some of the most respected and followed people on YouTube.

Vloggers take you on their journey of life, and keep the camera on during some of life’s most intimate and vulnerable moments - and that’s the beauty and power of YouTube’s vloggers. They let us in on moments that the majority of us would never dream about sharing with others; often reminding us that the good, bad, the mundane are all shared experiences no matter what part of the world you come from.

And while there’s vloggers there are also vlogging partners - couples on who broadcast their life together - and offer quite a different dynamic and depth for those who enjoy the vlogging genre.

Love Exists on YouTube, Lots of It

Inspired by Valentine’s day, we wanted to showcase a list of couples on YouTube, who share their lives, love and interests with us. On our list you’ll find couples that love traveling, dogs, beauty, health, fitness and more, sandwiched between proposal, wedding and pregnancy videos that really pull on the heartstrings. The result is vloggers edit their life into content  that is much more gripping and real than today’s reality TV.  

Viewers get to watch not one person - but two - who are committed to each other, go through the highs, lows and drums of everyday life together; at times testing and evolving their relationship, resulting in content

Turns out love does exist - in all kinds of ways - tune into some of these channels and you’ll see what I mean.

Couples on YouTube To Partner With for Valentine’s Day


1. Jess & Gabriel (1.9M) 



 Posting their first vlog in 2016, Jess & Gabriel have grown their joint channel following fairly quickly. They produce tons of content about life as newlyweds, from moving in together (common theme, no?), trying new activities as couples and doing long distance.


2. Aspen & Parker (1.6M) 



 This young and energetic couple has built up quite the fan base by vlogging together over the last four years. On their channel they share Aspen’s plastic surgery experience, home and lifestyle activities (like decorating their new home), their wedding and more. 


3. Jamie & Nikki (1.3 M) 



 Nikki, a former model and Jamie, a videographer and a photographer are based in Melbourne, Australia and share their life journey on their family vlogging channel. Starting their vlogging routine before children, you can see how Jamie and Nikki’s love has unfolded and grown throughout the years, they’re now expecting their second child.


4. Sierra & Alex (804k)



 Sierra and Alex know how to have a good time and bring you along on all of life’s activities for those in their early to mid-twenties. If you need inspiration for fun activities to do with your significant other, look no further than Sierra and Alex’s channel.


5. Rose & Rosie (721k)



 Rose & Rosie, based in the UK, keep their channel light and fun with a number of “entertainment videos in improvisational comedy”. They participate in YouTube challenges and tags and also have a gaming channel.


6. Mark e. Miller & Ethan (670k) 




 Mark and Ethan are an active couple who are passionate about adventures and health. Their collective goal is to, “spread positivity, acceptance and a healthy lifestyle” and do so in their content on LGBTQ topics, trips they take, health and improving their lifestyle. They also working on other projects including a documentary and a lifestyle website that features product lines.


7. Shawn Johnson & Andrew East (429k)

Former Olympic gold medalist and Dancing With the Stars champion Shawn Johnson met American football player Andrew East and the two started a YouTube channel together in 2015. More recently on their channel the couple posted about their miscarriage experience, closing with positive messages of support for others who had experienced it as well. They otherwise post about their life which includes behind-the-scenes commercial content, gymnastics training, couple activities and more.


8. WhalieTV (424k)



 Wah and Weylie are a happy-go-lucky couple who interests include food, dogs and adventures.  Their channel is a great place to get food inspiration, travel ideas, inspiration for fashion, beauty and home decor and advice for relationships. They truly capture lifestyle content for millennials.  


9. Matt & Blue (267k) 



 Matt & Blue are a high-energy couple with a knack for generating laughs and take their audience along with them as they live an on-the-go life with their two-year-old son. Get a glimpse of what life is like for these two dads that share their travel experiences, home life and adopting as a same sex couple.


10. AdannaDavid (241k) 



 First meeting in 2009, Adanna and David are a vibrant and down-to-earth couple who offer a multicultural family experience. The international couple is also expecting their second child and posts content ranging from how to survive med school (thanks Adanna!), confidence, family life, relationships and travel.


11. Kaleb Nation (72k) & BFF Taylor (30k)

 Kaleb and Taylor are a true YouTube couple. Meeting at Vidcon years ago, they started out as friends and then got married a few years later. Although both have separate channels, they have an entire playlist dedicated to their relationship - we recommend the surprise proposal video. 


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12. Megan & Whitney (41k)




 Known better by their couple name “Wegan”, Megan and Whitney Bacon-Evans are a bubbly couple that cover a wide range of lifestyle topics, from LGTBQ, to travel, to beauty, fashion, seasonal activities and more. They also vlogged their proposal, wedding celebrations and preparations.


13. Drivin’&Vibin (19k) 

Olivia and Kyle are an adventurous couple who said “pause” on the traditional home life to travel around America in an RV. They have a love for state parks, outdoor adventures, exploring different North American cultures and RVing. They support themselves though their Etsy shop and affiliate deals. The couple met after working in a local Alabama restaurant. 

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14. Heart and Arnold Tellegarta (Unknown)

This adventurous couple has a great sense of humor and has been together over eight years. On their channel you can find videos about men’s fashion, music, relationship, fitness and food.

For more influencers, check out this influencer list page where we’ve linked all of our lists.

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