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Creative Musicians and Gamers On YouTube (That Our Intern Loves)

By Kenny Huerta

in influencer lists

Posted August 29, 2018

A New York high schooler shares his thoughts on YouTube and the creators he watches on the regular.

Hey there! My name is Kenny, and I’m Reelio’s summer Intern. I am a rising senior in a film/production school located in Long Island City and hope to become a video editor, accountant, or work in finance/business when I’m older. I was requested by Reelio to write a piece about five of my favorite YouTubers and explain what their significance is towards me. Most of them produce content on music or gaming, or both. You can get to know their style by from my descriptions below.

I watch YouTube when I have nothing to do, usually this is around nighttime. I feel that in our time, YouTube has replaced television - I haven’t watched television since I first started watching YouTube.

One reason I like the global video platform is that you can find any type of content on YouTube. If you’re interested in a particular niche or genre, you can find it. This is something you can’t do on television.

My main interests are video games and music. Since YouTube has that kind of flexibility in searching for content, I would watch random creators that make music and gaming content, but none of them were entertaining enough for me to stay and watch the whole video. I wanted to watch creators who were funny, talented, and entertaining.

I finally came across gamers and creative musicians on YouTube through the “recommended for you” section whose content I enjoyed, and so I decided to feature them in this list.

They all make gaming and music-related videos and have a unique way of entertaining their audience. You can tell that they put time and hard work into everything they publish YouTube, which is why I still continue to watch their videos. I hope you enjoy some of their content as well. 

YouTubers Who Love Music & Gaming


Azerrz (3,138,646 subscribers) 

 Azerrz is a voice impressionist, who joined YouTube in 2012 and has gained more than 3 million subscribers. He aspires to become a voice actor and singer. Currently, he practices his impersonations by pretending to be famous figures on online games - messing with other gamers who can’t see his face. He then uploads these hilarious videos to his YouTube channel.  For example, in one video he impersonates Barack Obama, and other gamers actually believed they were playing with the former president. His voice impersonations sound exactly like the figures and characters do in real life which makes them very funny to hear. 

Azerrz’s channel is great because he’s very positive toward his audience and is passionate about what he does. He also shows how thankful he is for his supporters by calling his fans and doing their favorite voice to show he cares.

Because his content is so entertaining and his fans are so engaged, brands have taken notice. Azerrz did a sponsorship with Ubisoft, a video game company, where he used his voice impressions while giving a little preview of the games so his fans could get a taste of the Ubisoft games.


TheDooo (1,194,879 subscribers)

TheDooo is a professional guitar player who joined YouTube in 2013 and has earned more than 1 million subscribers. He plays an electric guitar on online video games, performing requested songs from the other gamers. Gamers are amazed and shocked when they find he’s able to play nearly anything on his electric guitar. He also plays the piano and composes his own music.

TheDooo is very talented and I’m truly impressed by the many things he can do. I like watching him because I love rock music and that’s something he loves as well and plays mostly on the guitar. I love hearing him play, and watching how quickly his fingers move on the guitar in every video that’s uploaded. TheDooo has also done a sponsorship with Ubisoft.


Marcus Veltri (1,183,414 subscribers)

Marcus Veltri joined YouTube in 2010 and has gained more than 1 million subscribers. He has a very unique way of playing the piano, beatboxing while he plays.

He taught himself how to play the piano while in college and was influenced to beatbox by other beatboxers on YouTube. His YouTube career quickly took off, being one of the first to post piano/beatboxing music.


Frank & Zach Piano Duets (217,127 subscribers)

Frank & Zach joined YouTube in 2016 and have earned over 200,000 subscribers by playing the piano together. They play music from popular video games and dress as characters from the video game they’re playing music from. In one video, they both dressed as Pikachu while playing Pokemon music.

I appreciate how they are passionate about music. You can tell by watching their videos that they put a lot of work into them. They also compose their own music and use it in their videos which I think is pretty cool. They’re talented guys and underrated, in my opinion. I think they should receive more recognition.


Ninja (16,631,822 subscribers) 

Ninja is a streamer and professional gamer. He joined YouTube in 2011 and is most known for his streams on Twitch playing shooter games like Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1, and Halo. He currently has the highest number of followers on Twitch -over 10 million- and has an average of 85,171 viewers per stream

Ninja has fundraised for charities by hosting big Fortnite tournaments and events. He has donated over $1M to charities of his choice with the prize money he earns from playing in events. He is also a good role model for his audience. For example, he’s aware that younger viewers watch his streams and stopped using inappropriate language for that reason.

He loves what he does and appreciates everyone for supporting his streams. What I love most about Ninja is how he wants to help others and shows he cares by donating to help those in need.

He has done sponsorships with The Walking Dead, Nvidia, Nexon, Dollar Shave Club, and Lvlup Dojo. Ninja has been able to gain these sponsorships because of his love for video games and for his huge audience that watch his streams daily.


How These YouTube Creators Have Inspired Me

These content creators have taught me some important life lessons as I prepare to go to college. The first is that nothing is handed to you, and the second is that if you think you have potential to do something - go for it. It doesn’t hurt to try.

After watching pianist Marcus Veltri for a long time, I decided to get a piano. Growing up, I’ve I always wanted to play piano but never had the chance to get around it. I thought it was amazing how he taught himself how to play and became a talented pianist with a lot of practice and dedication. I thought maybe if he can do it, so can I. And while I’ve tried to teach myself to play, it didn’t end up quite the way I wanted it to but I plan to pick it back up in my future free time.

Watching these content creators motivate me to keep trying and practicing because they’ve all worked very hard to get to where they are today, and they continue to make me laugh. I think YouTube is something that will consistently grow with more new creators and I can’t wait to see what more entertainment YouTube will give us in the future. 

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