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9 Tech YouTubers To Watch For Helpful Product Reviews

By Jessica Schimm

in influencer lists

Posted November 16, 2017

These YouTubers love technology and give serious product reviews - consider partnering with them for your next campaign.

YouTubers produce some of the best tech reviews, helping millions of consumers evaluate tech products and make purchase decisions they feel confident about each year. 

We've compiled a list of YouTube tech influencers who cover a range of tech gadgets. Some are critique games, some focus on consumer electronic product reviews and some like to break down the hardware behind the tech.

Whichever aspect of tech your audience is into, there is a tech influencer out there speaking to them. Take a look at the list below to get an idea of the kind of tech influencer you might be interested in partnering with (and scroll to the bottom to see how we found them step-by-step on our platform).

9 Tech YouTubers To Partner With in Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign


Victor.jpg1. Everything Technology (27k subscribers)

Victor Kamanga reviews speakers, smartphones, and is a great resource for tech gear on a budget and tests the sustainability of the product by, for example, putting his speaker in water.

For the consumer looking for everyday tech items.


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Josh Bane2. Josh Bane (31.5k Subscribers)

Josh Bane focuses on the wireless tech world and takes a bit of a more casual approach to showcasing his tech products which he does through unboxings and first impressions.

 For the consumer that loves wireless tech.



emkwan.jpg3. Emkwan Reviews (37.4k subscribers)

Emkwan, Winner of Esquire Magazine's Digital Influencer Award, produces high-quality product reviews on tech products, watches, cars and other luxury lifestyle items. In addition to good lighting, clear talking points, and easy-to-watch camera work, Emkwan does a great job of reviewing product details and how they affect the customer experience. He Recently unboxed the iPhone X, sent over by Apple and the Huawei Mate smartphone.

For the consumer who reads Esquire and wants the hottest tech product.



jims review room4. JimsReviewRoom (384k Subcribers)

Jim helps his audience relax about purchase decisions of speakers, smartphones and wearable tech. His audience loves his sleek, detailed tech reviews that note the material details of the product like no slip, water-resistant, drop resistance, a breakdown of the other technology they support and measurements. He also includes helpful diagrams in his videos to describe more abstract concepts of the product like how far a Google listening speaker can pick up his voice.

 For your the consumer that’s a sound junkie.




kraig.jpg5. Kraig Adams (41k Subscribers)

Kraig is a lifestyle vlogger who resides in Brooklyn and often talks about tech as it pertains to enhancing video and photo content. He reviews camera gear, apps and how he uses drones for his footage. He keeps his videos moving (no yawning here) and with a touch of dry sense of humor- makes it his own.

For the consumer that wants to use tech to create cool content.




tech by matt.jpg6. Tech by Matt (44k Subscribers)

Matt’s channel is great for those who are all about PCs, gaming and want to get deep into the workings and making of tech hardware. It’s clear that he knows his audience well and is honest and transparent with them - a sign of an influencer who values trust with his audience. His narrations are detailed, usually including pros and cons of the topic he’s covering and full of language that any advanced tech master will understand and appreciate.    

For the consumer who’s a diehard PC fan and geeks out on tech hardware.  



Austin Nwachukwu7. Austin Nwachukwu (62k Subs)

Austin, who studied computer science in school, is based out of New York. He reviews robots, tech gadgets and gear and most recently partnered with Pulse, an on-the-go iPhone repair service that meets you wherever your phone breaks.

For the consumer who is into AI and gaming.




canoopsy.jpg8. Canoopsy (67k Subscribers)

Isaac, like many others on this list, reviews new tech products but uniquely also likes to examines tech products from the past, detailing the design evolution of iPhones, their software upgrades and even retro Apple Macbooks. His thumbnails are sleek and colorful, his videos well-lit, accompanied by great narratives and sets.

For the consumer who loves design.



jeremy Quinones.jpg9. TeQreation (70.5k subscribers)

Jeremy Quinones reviews a bunch consumer tech accessories and products that make consumer tech easier to use like tablets, wireless keyboards and mouses and smartphones. He is all about simplicity.

For the consumer that into making tech simple.


How Did We Find These Influencers?

After looking at a significant number of data, we’ve learned that influencers with smaller audiences often see higher engagement than creators with large audiences.

To find medium-sized influencers (which is a great strategy to test various content types), we set our filter to find YouTube influencers who had a minimum of 10,000 influencers and a max of 90,000.

Reelio's influencer marketing platform
 Screenshot of the Reelio platform (2017).

Knowing that in this hypothetical campaign process, we also wanted to experiment with content on Instagram, we set our filter to find influencers who had a minimum of 1000 followers on Instagram in the original group.

Reelio's Influencer Marketing Platform
 Screenshot of the Reelio platform (2017). 


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