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7 New York Fashion Influencers That Are Setting Trends Now

By Jessica Schimm

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Posted October 13, 2017

With New York as their backdrop, these fashion influencers are inspiring fashion trends around the world.  

Fashion shows and magazines used to tell fashion lovers what trends are up-and-coming: now social media influencers are in on the game and just as powerful.  

A range of brands are leveraging fashion influencers' audiences. While taking a deeper dive through the Instagram accounts listed in this post, we saw partnerships with beauty brands, beverage brands, hotels and even contact lens brands (eyewear can drastically change a look!). And fashion marketers said that influencers were highly effective for product launches and content promotion and distribution, according to an eMarketer study earlier this year. 

Fashion lovers follow their favorite fashion influencers for creative inspiration, to see what’s trending, using content like fall fashion video lookbooks to help guide their purchases, and to buy pieces they love directly from the online store link, made even easier with liketoknow.it’s item sourcing capabilities

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NYC Fashion Influencers

Lauren Recchia (92.4k followers)

Lauren Recchia is an influencer that is definitely setting trends. Her outfit inspiration is close to Gigi’s and Kendall’s and is echoed on has a personal style blog northofmanhattan.comthat's focused on making fashion more approachable.

Fashion Influencer Lauren Recchia.png


Layllah Style (75.5k followers)

Layllah has a flair for mainstream luxury brands and is into very flashy basics. Her black and white backgrounds let her outfits become the focal point of each photo.

Layllah Style.png


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Nia Alleyne  (102k followers) 

Nia’s account reflects that she is definitely into bold colors and florals which isn’t always typical of fashion bloggers. She is very aware of her backdrops  and uses her environment to complement her fashion choices.

Nia Alleyne.png


Olivia Jeanette (151k followers)

Olivia Jeanette embraces the “fashion-forward” mom look. Her looks are super attainable and wearable for day-to-day events, which is not always the case with all fashion influencers. She also touches on beauty and lifestyle content and has collaborated with brands like Gingerale, American ExpressLenscrafters and more. 

Olivia Jeanette.png


Tilden Brighton (37.5k followers)

Micro influencer Tilden Brighton, has collaborated with Ugg for fall campaigns apple picking and is more experimental with velvet overalls, printed booties. She focuses on functional, but classy looks and shows a variety of dress up and dress down looks.  

Tilden Brighton.png


Fashionismyfortee (158k followers)

Flirty, dramatic and chic, Gergana Ivanova turns things up with outfits that show off her toned figure amongst different city scapes, but mostly New York backdrops. The word “slay” is used quite a bit in the comments of her followers, and we can see why.

Gergana Ivanova.png


TheNotoriouskia (53k followers)

Kia Marie has an unmistakable fashion sense for upscale streetwear. She gives off strong woman vibes and inspires her audience with personal and relatable captions. She also leaves step-by-step guides to mixing prints on her Insta and puts hair wash and beauty routines on her YouTube channel. She’s worked with brands like Ouidad, Sephora, and Maybelline.

Kia Marie.png

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