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11 Lifestyle Influencers in New York City Who Are Crushing it on Instagram

A list of micro lifestyle influencers in New York City who are showcasing fashion, beauty, fitness, work, tech, travel and more.  

With eight million people living in the New York City area, you're bound to find an array of influencers who fit your brand's style and values and love your product.

From the 20-something Manhattan professional, to the adventurous foodie, to the Brooklyn fashionista, to the modern city man from Queens, this city is teaming with a variety of culture-setters who attract audiences that are looking to them for their recommendations. 

Not only does NYC provide endless content options for influencers by way of its constant stream of activities and opportunitiesit also provides unique and iconic backdrops (as does LA, see our list of LA Instagram influencers). According to Instagram, in 2017 New York City was the number one most-Instagrammed city in the world, with Times Square being the second most-Instagrammed location.

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Influencers are Choosing Instagram

Instagram is the primary social media platform used by influencers globally, according to a study by Klear published on eMarketer,  and the volume of sponsored posts on Instagram doubled last year from 2016.

With Instagram continuing to make updates in the last year to better support sponsored content, we're not too surprised to see that Instagram has been climbing in popularity amongst creators for a while, given that it's user base has continued to grow - recently reaching 1 billion users

What New York City Influencers Could Mean for Your Brand

Influencers based in New York City have a lot to offer, with the location alone adding to their influence. That said, not every brand should partner with influencers in New York City. While the well-known location can be an advantage, the campaign will most-likely only be meaningful if New York City means something to your audience or makes your product work better. 

We'd recommend partnering with an influencer in NYC if:

1) your product works well for city dwellers (...like a new running shoe that's designed to give more comfort when running on concrete sidewalks).

2) a large portion of your target audience can be found in New York City (...like single women in their 20s / 30s).

3) you are launching an event in New York City and want to drive physical attendance.

If you think a New York City-based influencer could be good for your next influencer campaign, take a look at the influencers we've sourced below or get in touch with us!

1. Miss YanYi (20.6k followers)

YanYi, while not in New York City this year, still makes our list of NYC influencers given her New York City content. While having resided in New York City the last few years, her Instagram gives you tastes of metropoles around the world. She's spending the year in Paris, but you can still be sure to find a lot of recent New York content on her accounts. She has posts featuring off5thfinds and PanoramaNYC.


Image from Miss Yanyi's Instagram

2. Tess Christine (706k followers)

Tess Christine resides in Brooklyn and keeps her viewers inspired with fresh looks in New York and other cities, including Dublin, London, and LA. With a filter that mutes the colors, in her photos (as opposed to the typical brightening-filters we see lots of), her Instagram account gives off sultry vibes and is packed with fashion recommendations for modern-day city girls. She has posts featuring UltaBeauty, H&M, and Tresemmé.


Image from Tess Christine's Instagram


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3. Myepiphany (25.6k followers)

Nyja Richardson’s Instagram account is about self-care, working toward goals and her adventures with her son between New York and New Jersey. We highly recommend that anyone who deals with the chaotic hustle & bustle of New York City read her captions for a daily dose of positivity, perseverance, and motivation. She has posts featuring Colgate, As I Am Naturally and Doritos.

 Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 9.05.56 AM.png

Image from myephiphany's Instagram

4. Sara Dietschy (78.2k followers)

While most influencers dabble in lifestyle and beauty or fitness genres, Sara’s account is a good mixture of lifestyle and tech.  She has interests in producing high-quality multimedia content and has created a new channel, “The Creative Exchange,” to talk to the people who’ve done it.  Contrary to many NYC Instagram accounts that take on the muted concrete and brick red tones of the city, Sara makes NYC colorful. She's partnered with AT&T and Intel.


Image from Sara Dietschy's Instagram.

5. DandyintheBronx (42k followers)

If you’re looking for suave menswear looks and generally how to “live well,” look no further than Dandy’s account. Diego gives amazing recommendations for the modern-day city man regarding grooming products, dapper looks, and hot spots in the Bronx. His captions are in English and Spanish and has posts featuring ConairMan, Vodka and Harry’s.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 9.10.41 AM.png

Image from Dandyinthebronx's Instagram.

6. Diana Chamomile (11.9k followers)

Diana has an affinity for art, spoken word, nature and the quieter side of life - a refreshing contrast to the regular hustle and bustle of New York. Her room is her sanctuary and she exudes a whimsical aesthetic. She has posts featuring Daniel Wellington, princess polly boutique, and is officially a Glossier rep.


Image from Diana Chamomile's Instagram.

7. Scout the City  (330k followers)

Sai De Silva documents her family life in New York City. In addition to beauty content, Sai creates a lot of mother/daughter content. She is transparent with her audience, talking openly about managing work and family life (raising kids in Brooklyn), is an avid traveler, and keeps it light by participating in some challenges.  She has posts featuring 23andMe, JCPenny, eBay.  


Image from ScouttheCity's Instagram.

(This list has been updated with new creators on 3/14/18, written up by our intern, Emily Vasquez)

8. Jaylakorian (137k followers)

Jayla Koriyan, author of the book Pretty and Educated, shows off her fierce and luxurious life in New York City that she shares with her family and friends. Her glamorous style and mindset inspires others to be independent and confident with captions like ”Shine like the entire universe is yours.”  Her YouTube channel portrays her driven personality through hauls, tours, routines, and daily vlogs which led her to partner up with high-end beauty brands such as Nars.


On top of the city!

A post shared by THE GLAMAHOLIC (@jaylakoriyan) on


9. DollfaceBeauty (82.9k followers)

Emani, who has her own lifestyle blog, shows off her sophisticated yet fresh style through her pictures from her days in the city to nights out. On her Instagram feed you can find daily breakfast dishes she loves and her favorite makeup products that are trending. On her blog, she goes into details on her favorite clothing pieces and food venues, and will be posting about beauty products soon. She has also worked with the skin care brand Neutrogena.


10. Angeliquemiles (33.5k followers)

Angelique Miles shares her very active lifestyle that involves eating healthy, hanging out with her family and hitting the gym. She empowers women to be confident and comfortable in their own skin at the age of 50 and frequently uses the hashtag #fitat50 in her posts. In the podcast, She’s Got Drive, she shares her secrets in avoiding obstacles and her personal guide to success.


11. Curlsforthegirls (33.5k followers)

Ashley Hall loves embracing her curly natural hair and helps others to keep theirs looking healthy and shiny with products that she’s partnered with such as Palmers. She creates beauty tutorial videos on YouTube and posts daily makeup looks on Instagram that vary from natural looks to night-out looks. She inspires her audience with photos that contain messages of self confidence.

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