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11 Lifestyle Influencers in LA That You Need to Know About

By Jessica Schimm

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Posted October 10, 2017

A list of some of the top influencers in LA, who are setting trends in everything from fashion to beauty to clean eating to ticketed events and more.

Lifestyle influencers are thriving on Instagram. With photos that look straight out of a magazine shoot, lifestyle influencers have begun to become the newest form of print ads for products around beauty, health and wellness, fitness and travel, but much more effective.  

U.S. internet users follow more influencers than family and friends on Instagram according to a study on eMarketer, and it continues to be one of influencer’s favorite platforms, ranked most popular by female influencers in one study. According to micro influencers, Instagram is the most effective audience for engaging their users.

Lifestyle influencers often showcase glimpses of colorful lives enhanced by the best products, including workout gear, apparel, beauty products, travel products and more. 

With personal care and beauty products are expected to grow to a $675 billion industry, and the health and wellness industry expected to grow to a $3.7 trillion market, we only expect the popularity of lifestyle influencers to rise and for their brands to thrive. Here’s a few that are based in LA and continue to set trends around the country. Looking for even more influencers? Check out our list of 90+ influencers to follow.


Sarai Jones (1.2M followers)

Sarai’s Instagram account colorfully captures life’s pleasures for the music-festival going, fashion-forward, adventurous teen. She updates her followers on her YouTube channel where she inspires her audience with seasonal decor ideas, makeup tutorials and more.



Tiffany Ma (433k followers)

Tiffany Ma’s Instagram account is filled with bright photos of life on the go. She’s done collaborations with Gillette Venus shaving cream, Buick and also promotes her brand Livandjess “specializing in apparel for the girly, rebellious types.”



Chachi Gonzales (1.2m followers)

Energetic dancer-turned actress, Chachi Gonzales’ Instagram feels a bit more real and authentic with photos that are under-stylized. She reviews makeup, advertisements for her new YouTube Red series and posts clips of her dance routines.  She has partnered with M&Ms, Almay, and ArticZero Ice cream. (See her dance work in her Jamba Juice campaign!)


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 Mia Stammer (1.8M followers)

Mia Stammer is a lifestyle influencer that focuses on beauty and fashion. She was recently nominated for Teen Choice Awards for choice beauty & fashion webstar and has partnered with brands like Crest





Claudia Sulewski (1M followers)

Claudia Sulewski’s Insta account gives off more sultry vibes. The actress shows the behind-the-scenes of the Versus show she’s on and speckles her Instagram with glimpses of her favorite products, skincare routines and nightlife events. She's partnered with Australia's award-winning salon Bondi Sands tanning line, DSW shoes and Toyota.



Tyler Oakley (6.5M followers)

Long-time influencer Tyler Oakley, who is now approaching celebrity status, posts a mix of lifestyle photos and behind-the-scenes content, while also promoting his new YouTube channel content. He’s partnered with brands like Audible and shows tremendous support to the LGBT community.



Josh Levya (536k followers)

Josh Levya broadcasts the perfect active LA lifestyle. From a passion for fitness (see our list of seven LA fitness influencers), cars and dance moves, (some with his previous girlfriend Chachi Gonzales), Josh has got the influencer thing down and has partnered with Malibu and M&Ms, and even upcoming films.



 (This list has been updated with new creators on 3/16/18, written up by our intern, Emily Vasquez)

MaggyMerms (21.5k followers)

Margaret’s Instagram is filled with glowy makeup looks and fresh style. She enjoys having fun with her friends who are well known in the world of beauty influencers, such as James Charles and Aidette Cancino. She has posts with Agaci Store and jewelry brand Anarchy Street



Life is beautiful , but you have no clue • Outfit: @inthestyle Shoes: @agaci_store

A post shared by Margaret ♡ (@maggymerms) on


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Sonia.elsie (24.1k followers)

Sonia Elsie advocates body positivity and shares her journey of being vegan throughout her Instagram and YouTube videos, posting photos of her meals, vegan ingredients and her workout routines. She owns her own clothing line, stellasonia, that encourages both healthy eating and fitness with inspirational slogans, like “health is wealth” and “stay hydrated” printed on sweatshirts and hats. She's partnered with Qii drinks, and promoted the movie Midnight Sun, featuring Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne. 


Vegan Gary 📸 @davidbokov

A post shared by Sonia Elsie Leighton (@sonia.elsie) on


Dianamarksofficial (508k followers)

Social media expert and influencer Diana Marks posts content of her daily life, which includes her adventures and everyday life in L.A. She is passionate about healthy eating and has partnered with nutritional brands such as Perfectbar. She's also published a guide on how to grow your Instagram account.


Some days are for casual walks in the neighborhood #marinadelrey Outfit @lukkalux

A post shared by Diana Marks (@dianamarksofficial) on


Lauramellado (104k followers)

Entrepreneur Laura Mellado owns the L.A. clothing store “Laura’s Boutique” which has been worn by influencers such as James Charles and Daisy Marquez. Her Instagram showcases her fashion sense, (which is trendy and fresh), travel photos and family life with her husband and son. She recently headed out to Utah with Benefit Cosmetics in early February 2018.


BUT look how Elliott looks 😭❤️😍

A post shared by SNAPCHAT: lauramellado 🌴 (@lauramellado) on

Know more influencers we should add? Leave a comment below!

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