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7 Food Influencers To Partner With for Holiday Cooking This Season

By Jessica Schimm

in influencer lists

Posted November 13, 2018

Seven food influencers to partner with for a holiday campaign!

I don't know about you, but according to my Facebook feed, the holidays are here.

And while I blame Country Living for their Christmas Facebook posts in September and simultaneously applaud Target for slowing the "holiday creep" this year - I realize that it’s already too late. People have been posting about the holidays since October. And if they’re sharing it in my feed, they’re probably sharing it in yours.

The Holiday Hype 

Holiday hype. It’s real, and it drives purchases. Let’s take a look at the hype around pumpkin spice as an example (... catch that slick transition holiday food marketing?).

The pumpkin spice latte became a thing in 2012. In 2016, products that had a pumpkin ingredient rose by 3.5% - and then an astonishing 20% from 2015, translating into $1.14 billion, according to Nielsen. Products with the ingredient maple are now also seeing an increase.

Hype is a great thing, but it also means a lot of competition. So, how do you cut through the noise? Partner with an influencer who speaks directly to your target audience, and know that teens are starting to influence a lot of family food purchases. 

Stats on Food Influencers, Teenagers and Holiday Food Marketing

When we think of preparing for holiday gatherings, drinks and food are often the pillars of the event.  And while parents may do the purchasing, 77% of teens are influencing the household food and beverage purchases based off of their online interactions.

Influencers are also driving a 1.64% engagement rate on average for CPG food categories. In a look back at some of Reelio's CPG food campaigns, Nestle Pure Life generated a 14% engagement rate after partnering with influencers, Jamba Juice saw 23,000 engagements with dancer Chachi Gonzales and Visa Checkout & Taco Bell earned a 20% CTR working with comedic influencer Big Daws. 

Food YouTubers are popular worldwide as well, with cooking & recipes being the third most talked about subject of influencers in Canada and the third most viewed YouTube channel type amongst mothers in the UK. 

Alright, let's take a look at some influencers who like to talk about food!

Medium Influencers (100k - 1M Subscribers)



Simply Quinoa (113k)

Alyssa Rimmer shows her audience how to keep enjoying the holiday season with lean ingredients for sweet treats. She was able to offer 15% off matcha powder and free shipping on a Blendtec.




sweet potato soul.jpgSweetPotatoSoul (240k)

Jenne Claiborn’s videos have high-quality production a sophisticated feel. She shares unique vegan recipes, talks about ethical fashion and natural beauty.




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Alex French Guy Cooking (333k)

Alex is a “curious self-taught home cook”. He’s a cooking influencer who’s videos explore food he’s passionate about with a comedic twist.





brogreens.jpegBrothers Green Eats (980k)

Brothers Green is an awesome duo who are passionate about cooking. They like to get creative with their dishes, but also keep them easy enough to do in an hour when you’re in a time crunch, like in this video.




Macro Influencers (>1M Subscribers)



LaurDYI (6.8M)

Lauren Riihimaki a DIY queen on YouTube. In this video, she makes holiday Starbucks drinks, showing step-by-step how to recreate the Starbucks holiday flavors you love.





meghanrienks.jpgMeghan Rienks (2.3 M)

Meghan Rienks shows her viewers how to enjoy delicious sweets while remaining gluten and dairy free.  





bethany mota-1.jpgBethany Mota (10 M)

Lifestyle influencer Bethany Mota kicks this video off with giveaway offers and proceeds to show her audience how to make festive holiday treats.





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