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3 Awesome YouTube Influencer Campaigns for Fall Fashion

By Jessica Schimm

in Seasonal Campaigns

Posted September 6, 2017

See how national retailers are working with YouTube influencers to market their fall fashion lines.

‘Tis the season for hot tea, apple picking, football and … FASHION.  Welcome to fall.

September is one of fashion’s biggest months of the year with New York Fashion Week inspiring fashionistas and fashionisters around the world.

Beauty, lifestyle and fashion influencers are taking their queue this month and putting together their favorite fall looks in response. And viewers are tuning in, wanting to see the pieces their favorite YouTube influencer is recommending this season before they make their key fall wardrobe purchases.

National fashion brands and retailers know this and are getting in on the content, sponsoring influencer's fall lookbooks to get in front of their target audiences online. We’ve highlighted three beautifully executed sponsored lookbook videos to help give both brands and influencers alike inspiration for content around fall fashion.

Choose Your YouTube Influencer Early, For Less Competition 

Lifestyle influencer Alexandrea Garza collaborated with Express for her fall lookbook this year. Her video is simple, showcasing two classic fall looks and describing what she likes most about them. She starts by talking genuinely about what she's been liking about Express, which happens to include denim, the base of both of her pieces. What's also notable about this collaboration is how early in the season it was published - two days before New York Fashion Week. Publishing a seasonal video early in the season is a good move by Alexandrea and Express, as the video is easier to find for those enthusiastically jumping on fall fashion when it has less competition.   

Express Partnered With Alexandrea Garza

Download influencer campaign ideas for fall.

Use Themes That Speak To Your Target Audience: Millennials Love the 90s

In a 90s fashion-themed video, Maya showcases three different outfits from Target that are perfect for fall. With New York City as her backdrop, Maya breaks down what she loves about each outfit and the circumstances each outfit is designed for. In many of the comments, viewers fondly recall their favorite 90's trends, proving that the 90s theme was a good fit for much of her audience.  And for younger viewers who might not remember the 90s as well, she adds a dash of context and history on the trend she's showcasing, a great way to keep them engaged throughout the video. Maya also referenced her Facebook page, helping to promote her presence across platforms.

Target and Shameless Maya


Men Care About Fall Fashion Too

Lookbooks aren’t only for women, Jake Daniels is getting in on the game with a lookbook for men’s winter and fall dress. Different than the videos above, this is a partial integration, but is done superbly. Jake showcases Thomas Sabo's watch first in his lookbook and highlights one of it's unique features through a relatable experience and a splash of humor. 

Thomas Sabo and Jake Daniels

So what’s it going to be? Distressed or frayed? Black or plum? Plaid or patterned? Fully dedicated sponsorship or partial sponsorship videos?

Get in front of your audience before, during and after the holidays. We're in Q3 already, take a look at these fun fall influencer campaign ideas.

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