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18 Female Travel Influencers To Follow For Epic Trips in 2019

By Reelio Team

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Posted November 5, 2018

A list of top female travel vloggers who have partnered with lifestyle, tourism and product brands (and have incredible travel recs!).

Gone are the days when travel was just for a privileged few.

In 2016, Airbnb reported that more than 80% of millennials seek unique travel experiences and see traveling as a part of their identity. It also found that “most millennials prioritize travel over buying a home or paying off debt.”

Millennial travel rates are on the rise and they are using social media to both post their epic beach photos and look up recommendations for the best spots on their trip.

Yes, Travel Influencers Work With Tourism Brands, They Also Work With CPG, Beauty and Tech Brands

A 2014 study from Google found that “two out of three consumers watch travel videos when they’re thinking about taking a trip,” and a quick real-time search on Instagram shows 338 million posts are tagged with #travel.

Social media plays a big role in travel plans for both younger and older generations making travel influencers a valuable part of the marketing equation for both travel and hospitality brands.

But those aren’t the only brands that travel influencers work with.

Hotels, tourist attractions, food and bars, and travel products may seem like the obvious partners for travel influencers but are not the only industries that can benefit from working with them.

Because many travel influencers produce lifestyle content, CPG brands like Neutrogena, Listerine, Essie, Olay, and mobile & internet brands like AT&T (to name a few), have also benefited from their recommendations influencers, some positioned as brands to bring on-the-go.

We’ve put together a list of travel influencers crusading the world for you to scout for partnerships or simply travel the world with through your screen!


1. Raya Was Here

YouTube:  Rayawashere (189k subs) /  Instagram: Rayawashere (207k followers)

Raya Was Here

Raya Was Here, or Raya Encheva, is a YouTuber and travel vlogger. This Bulgarian born YouTuber moved to New York City after graduating from Goldsmiths, University of London.

After graduation, she decided to travel and explore the world. Raya is a full-time traveler and nomad. Through her YouTube channel, she shares her beautiful and exciting travel stories with her fans. She also loves to do photography and shares lifestyle videos on her channel.

She started her YouTube journey as a travel vlogger in 2014. In just four years, she managed to earn more than 187K subscribers. The total number of views on all her videos has surpassed 10 million. She’s worked with the likes of DJI, L’Oreal, GoPro, and MSC Cruises among others.


2. Aggie Lal  

YouTube: Aggie Lal (51k subs) / Instagram: Travel In Her Shoes (862k subs)

Aggie Lal

Agnieszka, also known as Aggie, was born in Warsaw, Poland. She is an adventure traveler, photographer, blogger, and writer based in Los Angeles. She moved to Australia to pursue her Master’s in Management from the University of Sydney.

After graduating in 2013, she bought a one-way ticket to LA from Sydney. Two years after that, she started her own YouTube channel and a vlog called Travel in Her Shoes.

She has traveled to more than 50 countries. Her YouTube channel features beautiful destinations, (including Ice Land, Bora Bora, and hidden gems of Poland), travel "music videos", and travel tips like how to afford luxury hotels and long flights.

She has nearly 49K subscribers, and her videos have received more than 3 million views. One of her most adventurous travel experiences was spending more than 200 days at sea without any contact with the rest of the world, and only seeing one other person. She’s worked with brands like Neutrogena and Essie .


3. Audrey 

YouTube:  DazzlingDrew (274k subs)  / Instagram: dazzlingdrew (148k followers) 


Audrey, self labeled as an "island girl in Paris," is passionate about beauty, fashion, and travel. Her Instagram Stories give you a glimpse of her trips to various cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Cannes. She often takes the time to ask her Instagram followers for recommendations on things to do in the cities she visits.

She writes more in-depth about her experiences on her blog, and her Instagram page suggests that she is a big-time foodie, likes to swim, loves sunsets, beaches and the pool.


4. Anna Skura 

YouTube: What Anna Wears (11k subs) / Instagram: What Anna Wears (310k subs)

What Anna Wears

Anna Skura runs her blog, “What Anna Wears,” where you can find detailed posts on travel, fashion, running, cooking and more. 

With more than 11.5K subscribers, Anna keeps her viewers engaged with travel and adventure stories. She also publishes easy beauty hacks and videos that keep her audience up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

On her Instagram Stories and feed you'll find Anna’s experiences in various cities. She also creates impressive sponsored content to promote various brands.


5. Patricia Prieto

YouTube: Patricia Prieto (2.6k subs) / Instagram: PatriciaPrieto (107k subs)

Patricia Prieto

Patricia Prieto is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who runs a reputable blog by the name of Paradigma. Her vlogs, labeled by the hashtag #ParadigmaTravels, capture stories and experiences during her trips around the world.

Patricia has over 108K followers on her Instagram page, which has stories from her personal life, fashion trends and choices and a glimpse of her excursions abroad.


6. Caitlin Covington

YouTube: Caitlin C (5.9k subs) / Instagram: cmcoving (956k followers)

Caitlin Covington

Caitlin Covington is a fashion and travel blogger who pens her stories at Southern Curls & Pearls. Along with her love for writing, she is also passionate about photography.

Caitlin travels to Capri and Ravello and documents it through vlogs on her YouTube channel. She also shares her day-to-day life, travel, and fashion stories on her Instagram page.

Caitlin releases an IGTV video every Wednesday for her followers and often asks them what they want to see in her next video.

7. Candace Hampton

YouTube: Candace Hampton (28k subs) / Instagram: thebeautybeau (679k subs)

Candace Hampton

A little more beauty than travel, this Dallas-based influencer inspires her followers to be fashion-forward,  eat healthy and travel where you want.

You can also see a glimpse of her travel experiences in her Instagram Stories and feed where she posts where she goes, what she eats, and what she wears while scrolling through her posts on Instagram.

Candace’s YouTube channel is the best place to look for beauty hacks and product reviews. She’s worked with brands like hygiene brands like Dove, Britney Spears fragrances, Samantha Bee's Full Frontal app and health brands like Better Body Foods.


8. Kylie Flavell

YouTube: Kylie Flavell  (40k subs) /  Instagram: kylieflavell (21.4k followers)

Kylie Flavell

Kylie was born and brought up in Australia. She gained a lot of popularity and became famous for her wanderlust travel videos and lifestyle videos. Before she decided to quit everything and roam around the world, she hosted a travel web series on YouTube.

Her travel shows were broadcasted on the Discovery and National Geographic channels. She also worked as an editor for a famous magazine. Kylie started saving money for one year before she quit her job and started traveling the world.

Kylie started her YouTube journey as a travel vlogger in 2011, and now, she has more than 40K subscribers and more than 3 million overall views on her videos. She is really a one-woman army as she is the producer, editor, and filmmaker.


9. Kimberly Lapides

YouTube: eatsleepwear (98 subs)  / Instagram: eatsleepwear (199k followers)

Kimberly Lapides

Kimberly Lapides frequently blogs about her travel experiences, the latest fashion trends, and her favorite outfits on her blog Eat/Sleep/Wear, where she goes into detail about her trips.

Kim writes descriptive captions that reveal her emotions on Instagram. In recent posts, she talks about her newborn baby, (and how to travel with a newborn), beach life, her husband and fur babies, (whom she does sponsorship deals with @pupperoni). 

She cleverly includes brand endorsements as well without compromising on the authenticity of her content.


10. Kiitana 

YouTube:  Kiitanaxo (252k subs) / Instagram: Kiitana (455k subs)


Kiitana loves fashion, experimenting with her hair and crossing things off her travel bucket list. She says that she could travel forever and has recently posted a lot about her time in Morocco. 

She talks about price negotiations in foreign countries, recommendations for accommodations, hair tips and inspiration for living your best life. Kiitana has over 250K YouTube subscribers and 432K Instagram followers. 

To engage her audience, she often asks them about places she should travel to next. She has worked with hotelsOlay, and is a Tresemme and Simple Skin Care partner. 


11. Christine Ka’aloa 

YouTube: GRRRLTraveler  (86k subs) / Instagram: grrrltraveler (23.9k followers)

Christine Ka'aloa

Christine Ka’aloa is a solo traveler and vlogger who documents her foodie adventures, shows and gives tips for cultural shock (like using different style bathrooms) and tips on how to travel alone.

Along with building a YouTube following of 81.7K subscribers, Christine also leverages other social channels to influence people. She also boasts 23.7K followers on Instagram and 47.4K on Facebook.

Being a blogger first, you’ll find Christine posts longer, more detailed content usually - even on Instagram. She's worked with SanDisk,  myCharge and Insta360 Nano Camera.


12. Jenn Mitchell

YouTube: comebackmomma (217 subs) / Instagram: comebackmomma (23.6k followers)

Jenn Mitchell

Jenn Mitchell, a mom of two teens and one rescue dog, created Comeback Momma to inspire women. She tells her readers about the things that help her become the best version of herself and grow.

Her real-life stories are an inspiration to moms who have had setbacks and want to make a comeback with much more strength than before. She frequently talks about what keeps her fit, healthy, happy, and stylish.

Jenn has over 35K followers on her Twitter profile and 23K on her Instagram page.

She not only shares her experiences, but things her kids do that make her a proud mom. Her awesome Instagram page often attracts brands for endorsements like Super Beat, tourist destinations (like this historic train station in Portugal from the tourism department), and One a Day vitamins


13. Hailey Devine

YouTube: Brad & Hailey Devine (118k subs)  / Instagram: haileydevine (215k subs)

Hailey Devine

Passionate about travel and filmmaking, Brad & Hailey Devine, a husband-wife duo, run a YouTube channel together. They create fascinating video montages to display their trips around the world. Their content is also filled with inspiration, travel stories, and their everyday adventures with their two girls.

They share their travel experiences with viewers under the category, "Travel" and “Somewhere Devine” on YouTube.

Hailey also has an Instagram page with 215K followers where she describes her family as a “globetrotting family of filmmakers.”


14. Rene Daniella

YouTube:  Ownbyfemme.TV  (14k subs) / Instagram: Ownbyfemme (308k followers)

Rene Daniella

Rene Daniella shares her travel stories and the struggles of being a die-hard traveling girl at Own by Femme. She also shares her top secret travel tips, health and fitness challenges, recipes, and hair and beauty care tips. She also emphasizes eco-friendly living.

Her Instagram feed gives users insights into her carefree travel excursions and relaxing stays at some of the most beautiful places.

With over 13.8K subscribers, her YouTube channel is full of travel, beauty, and wellness content.

She's worked with Listerine and Walmart.


15. Aly 

YouTube: Psycho Traveller  (188k subs) / Instagram: psychotraveller (22.6k followers)


With the intention to discover what’s beyond a 9-to-5 job, Alyshia Ford booked her one-way ticket to Australia in 2013. Alyshia, also known as Aly, is originally from Birmingham, England. She is a graduate in Psychology and was also offered a Phd. placement at a prestigious university, but ultimately declined the offer and started her journey as a travel vlogger.

In 2013, she started her own YouTube channel to share her travel stories with the world. Till date, she has 187K subscribers and has achieved overall more than 20 million views.

As of now, she has traveled to more than 10 countries which include Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, and the Philippines. She’s also worked with brands like InterContinental Hotels, GoEuro, Cheerz, and Trek America among others.


16. Nadine Sykora

YouTube:  HeyNadine (438k subs) / Instagram: heynadine (99.5k followers)

Nadine Sykora

Unlike other travel vloggers who blend beauty and fashion into their content, Nadine Sykora is almost strictly travel. From Canada, her channel consists of travel videos to various beautiful places all around the world. She also uploads videos with travel tips, hacks and tricks, packing tips and destination ideas.

She started her YouTube journey in 2006 and now has more than 430K subscribers. Overall, her videos have managed to achieve more than 40 million views.

Queenstown, New Zealand is one of her favorite places to visit. It all started when she was pursuing her graduation in Canada and decided to travel to New Zealand on a working holiday visa for a fun project. This is when she discovered her love and passion for travel, and has not turned back since.

In the last eight years, Nadine has traveled to more than 50 countries and worked with brands like Revlon, Contiki and Vick's Nyquil among others.


17. Mari Johnson

YouTube: Mari Johnson  (57k subs) / Instagram: marijohnson (7.1k followers)

Mari Johnson

Mari grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. During her childhood, most of her weekends were spent on activities like swimming, hiking, and picnicking on mountain sides. Since then, she developed a passion for adventure and traveling.

Through her YouTube channel, she shares her experiences and her travel stories. Based in Brooklyn, she has traveled to Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, and Vietnam. She has also traveled parts of Europe (France, Portugal, Netherlands) and the USA. Her channel also consists of videos with travel tips and road trips.

She started her YouTube journey as a travel vlogger in 2014, and in just four years, gained more than 55K subscribers, she's seen more than 7 million views on all of her videos.


18. Mila Antonovic

YouTube: Mila Antonovic (133k subs) / Instagram: _milaantonovic_ (624 followers)

Mila Antonovic

Mila Antonovic is a YouTube vlogger from Serbia. Her eponymous channel has more than 132K subscribers who enjoy her lifestyle vlogs and other personal entries.

She frequently creates engaging videos in the lifestyle niche. One of her videos on “Things we all do!” received more than 243K views. She documents her travel adventures in London, Edinburgh, and other places.

Her Instagram feed features both Serbian and English languages. She's worked with the  Mirinda, a popular beverage brand in Eastern Europe.


What Travel Influencers Should We Add to the List?

These are 18 of the most popular female travel vloggers who have been traveling all around the world and sharing their exciting travel stories with their subscribers.

If you know of any other female travelers who are inspiring and motivating, please share them with us in the comments.

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