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10 Mom Influencers To Work With on YouTube And Instagram

By Renu Sharma

in family vloggers

Posted October 1, 2018

In between their trysts with Diaper Genies to waiting an eternity at school drop-off lines, tripping over toys on the floor, and fun-filled family trips, mom influencers take us along the ride of motherhood, sharing their struggles, laughter and valuable tips along the way.

They provide a window into their worlds through which we get to view their experiences - raw and unfiltered - of family life.

But amidst those struggles, they inspire us through their perfectly-matched mom-daughter outfits and make us laugh with videos of their kids trying out their skills in the kitchen too.

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Most importantly, however, they share valuable tips on everything from pregnancy to health to family activities and generally, life as a parent.

Why Should Brands Work with Mom Influencers?

If you want to get your product in front of parents and parents-to-be, mom influencers are a great way to do so.

A large number of moms follow mom-fluencers for information, advice and recommendations.

One survey on eMarketer found that 56% of moms purchased food products, 48% purchased baby products, and 45% purchased toys after reading a recommendation from a mom blogger.

It’s no wonder that brands like Lovevery, Clinique, Walgreens, BestBuy, Star Wars, or Northwestern Mutual have collaborated with countless mom influencers for their campaigns.

Let’s take a look at some of the top mom influencers who help and inspire millions of parents across the world.

1. Judy Travis (892k followers)

Judy Travis

The first mom on the list is Judy Travis, known for her popular YouTube channel itsJudysLife, that has 1.6 million subscribers. Her videos are about life with her three kids, Julianna, Miyako, and Keira, and her husband, Benji Travis.

Through her vlogs, she takes us through the journey of both her pregnancies and the daily life of a mom. You’re likely to come across adorable accounts of the kids’ dates with their dolls or getting the kids ready for a birthday party.

Among all of this, Judy and her husband also share what they serve the kids for breakfast and how they teach them to be well-behaved at these parties. Those are some very useful insights for new or aspiring parents.

Her content mirrors that of a reality show of her life and her audience loves it. Most of her content revolves around their family life and lifestyle and the activities they do with their kids.


2. Clemmie Hooper (561k followers)

Clemmie Hooper

Clemmie Hooper is a 33-year-old midwife, author, and mom influencer. Her Instagram account named mother_of_daughters has 560K followers. Her husband, Simon, also has an Instagram account called, father_of_daughters, which has 891K followers.

Clemmie’s is a mother of four girls and her Instagram feed documents her journey through her pregnancies and motherhood.

On it, you are likely to come across accounts of her daily routine that involves bathing her daughters, drying their hair, clipping their nails, and getting them ready for school or playgroups, while balancing her career as a midwife too.

What makes her content so unique, however, is that she talks about some of the not-so-rosy but vital aspects of pregnancy and motherhood as well. She talks about various forms of contraception and topics like urinary incontinence in women post-childbirth and how best to combat them.

She’s also worked with brands like Visit Florida, Berners Tavern, and Destinology to name a few.


3. Kassi Bacquet (21.9k followers)

Kassi Bacquet

Kassi’s Instagram posts are a window to her family life with her husband and her five children.

She has around 22K Instagram followers. They are a surfer family and you can from her posts that the beach is a major part of their lives.

On her Instagram account, you’re likely to come across adorable photos of the twins cooling off under the shower with their dad or photos of the couple sharing an intimate moment while their son tries to pull them apart because “kissing is gross!”

She also uses her Instagram account to spread awareness about Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening condition that her son was diagnosed with a few weeks after he was born. She’s worked with kid-friendly brands like CLIFKid Zbar, which is her son, Trax’s, favorite nutrition bar.

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4. Innika Choo (76.8k followers)

Innika Choo

Innika Choo is a designer and a mom of Australian origin, based in Bali. She posts photos of herself and her family that showcases their lifestyle. Snippets of their life as islanders, with close proximity to the sun, sand, and sea, keeps her followers engaged.

Fashion and style are an integral part of the content she creates. You are likely to come across photos of her in various stunning outfits or jewelry. She also posts photos of her kids rocking their swimwear or getting ready for school. She has around 77K followers on Instagram. Each of her photos gets an average of 2000 likes.


5. Amber Fillerup (1.3M followers)

Amber Fillerup

Amber Fillerup Clark has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She is a self-proclaimed braid-obsessed blogger. She has two kids, Atticus and Rosie. She’s a lifestyle influencer who loves showcasing her life as a mom of two as well.

On her Instagram, you can find photos that illustrate how her body transformed through her pregnancy as well as photos of her brilliant hairstyles. Her passion for hairstyles and braids has enabled her to collaborate with brands like Kerastase.

She’s also a passionate traveler and you’re likely to come across stunning photos of beautiful destinations on her account too. She also uses her Instagram account to help spread awareness about cancer. 

She has a YouTube channel too, which has 233K subscribers. Her videos cover subjects like traveling with kids, makeup and hair tutorials, recipes, and more.


6. The Ingham Family (157k followers)

The Ingham Family

With three super adorable daughters, Sarah’s YouTube channel, The Ingham Family currently has a million subscribers.Sarah is very consistent when it comes to vlogging.

She always has something interesting to say with three kids around and creates videos augmented by text and sketches.

Her vlogs showcase their family life and snippets of their daily routine. You are likely to find accounts of them trying to come up with names for their new baby, dealing with her pregnancy anxiety, baby-shopping hauls, or her kids gearing up for their first day at school.  


7. This Gathered Nest (74.7k followers)

This Gathered Nest

This mom has two biological children named Kennedy and Shelby and five adopted children, Noah, Jonah, and Rosie, along with Ivy and Amelia, who are twins. She named her YouTube channel, This Gathered Nest, which has 272K subscribers.

Her name is Angela Braniff. She is 34-year-old and talks about her homeschooling experience, answers on adoption, beauty product reviews, book reviews, regular pregnancy updates and more.


8. Britneyandbaby (122K followers)

britney and baby

Britney is a 24-year-old mother of three, Aria, Nolan, and Harlow. Her videos include a more personal touch with many funny moments and tough times. Here, you get to witness her journey as a mother and get tips as they come.

She shares snippets of her family life through her vlogs. On her YouTube channel, you can find her describing her morning routine with three kids or what the kids and she eat in a day. You can also find her sharing her grocery hauls or announcing her fourth pregnancy to her kids, belly shots, and pregnancy updates.


9. GabeBabeTV (3.8k followers)


This is the channel of Gabrielle Flowers Rader and her husband, Chad. They have 319K subscribers on YouTube and two kids, a boy and a girl.

They use their YouTube channel to showcase their family life and activities with kids. You can find vlogs on how they celebrate Father’s Day, adorable videos of their baby girl learning to swim, of how she chases her brother around, or her reaction to pickle-tasting.

You’re also likely to come across snippets of their journey as a couple, with their home renovation struggles or enjoying their snorkeling adventure.


10. ModernMom (9.5k followers)

Modern Mom YouTube channel

ModernMom is a YouTube channel run by two mom bloggers, Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt. They share advice, real-life hacks, and information on health, pregnancy, parenting, cooking, and beauty. They have 269K subscribers on YouTube.

Apart from the channel, they also have their own website and blog. On their channel, they create their own content along with curated content from other experts, moms, and authors.

Brooke Burke is an author of the books, “The Naked Mom,” and “The Joy of Less.” She is a health expert, a foodie, a cancer survivor, and a philanthropist. She is also the co-founder of Baboosh Baby.

Lisa Rosenblatt developed the world's first online shopping mall. After three children, ModernMom is her comeback into the professional world.


Do You Have a Favorite Mom Influencer?

Being a parent certainly isn’t a cakewalk. As rewarding an experience it is to be a parent, it is also equally challenging. These passionate mom influencers help new and aspiring parents cope with these challenges and make parenting more fun than stressful.

Who’s your favorite mom influencer? Share with us in the comments section below.

This channel reflects the energy of these two super energetic moms. This channel covers different topics, including pregnancy workouts, healthy recipes, arts and craft, and more. Thousands of mothers turn to them for advice on parenting, health, and healthy habits.

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