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By Jessica Schimm

in Campaign Strategy

Posted February 13, 2018

Your 2018 Influencer Marketing Plan (Template Download)

The best influencer marketing campaigns aren't done in a day. Here's your fail-proof guide to planning your influencer campaign. .

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By Jessica Schimm

in Case Studies

Posted February 5, 2018

Reelio's Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2017 

Get inspired by these influencer-brand partnerships that Reelio helped bring to life in 2017. .

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By Jessica Schimm

in Seasonal Campaigns

Posted January 25, 2018

Influencer Campaign Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Here's how you can get the word out about your product on Valentine’s Day with influencers. .

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By Jessica Schimm

in influencer lists

Posted January 19, 2018

13 Cute YouTube Couples (to partner with for Valentine’s Day)

The cutest couples on YouTube who are vlogging their way through life, just in time for Valentine’s Day..

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